Steve Walsh

Taking a trip down Memory Lane this week is former Cobblers reporter at the Chronicle & Echo, Steve Walsh.

Steve worked at the Northampton Chronicle & Echo and reported on the Cobblers in the mid 2000’s. Working alongside Jefferson Lake and Jeremy Casey, Steve lived the dream of being paid to watch the club he supports, write about the games and interview the players.

In this episode of Memory Lane, Steve reminisces about his time reporting on the Cobblers and boy does he have some stories to tell!

From interviewing Ian Holloway at just 18 years old to falling out with Eoin Jess and “causing” Guy Branston to receive a fine from the FA, Steve looks back over a period of his life which he admits he still may not have recovered from. After all, it’s hard to go back to just being a fan again once you’ve been so stoic.

As well as stories about crashing promotion parties and interviewing Roy Keane, Steve talks about Mark Bunn, Chris Dunn, Chris Doig and Craig Hinton.

It’s probably best that you don’t let any of them know about this episode though!


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