(Not so) Super League Cobblers

Northampton Town Podcast Peterborough 3-1 Cobblers – Defeat in the derby, a new Hotel End and we’re off to support NTFC Women instead.

Super League Thoughts

We ran out of time on this week’s podcast to chat about what, at the time of recording, was the breaking news about a new, breakaway European Super League.

I watched in dismay as Gary Neville went ballistic at the end of the Manchester United v Burnley match on Sky Sports and poor old Dave Jones had to try to remain balanced as the lead presenter by asking questions designed to try and eek at least one positive out of Roy Keane and Micah Richards. No positive was forthcoming of course and nor should there have been.

As Neville said, it all comes down to greed. Nothing new there of course and if you’ve ever listened to the Price of Football podcast, you’ll be fully aware that football has been more about money than entertainment for the masses for some time.

I’ve seen few fans of lower league clubs such as the Cobblers say “let them go”. Them being Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs of course. Let them go and reclaim the game I saw one tweet say. The problem with this though is that the Premier League will be a weaker league without five of the biggest team of the last 20 years. I don’t care what Spurs do.

Like it or not, having these clubs at the top of our domestic league structure is paramount to the television deals which help support the finances of the vast majority of the teams in the EFL.

Yes, the money isn’t distributed evenly enough. Yes, the deal isn’t good enough for teams like us. But without those teams involved, there will be less interest in the English game and therefore the brand of the Premier League will be worth less than it currently is and will see TV companies pay less to broadcast the games. That will have a huge impact on teams such as Northampton that could even see us go under.

In my opinion, letting these six clubs go is not an option.

We, as fans, need to learn from this and begin to reclaim our football clubs. I know I haven’t been a huge advocate for fan ownership and I still think that a lot more needs to be investigated on that front for it to work for the Cobblers but fans need to be more involved. The game is there for the fans and without them, it is nothing.

On this week’s podcast we talk about a new idea for a “New Hotel End” and match day entertainment that has been taken to the Supporter’s Trust in the last week and we on the pod are very happy to get behind. Yes, it is just the beginning of the conversation and nothing is ready to be put into action tomorrow, but it is a start. A start for not just this idea but for future fan involvement in our club.

Have a listen and let us know what you think via the details below.



It’s All Cobblers To Me is a Vibrant Sound Media production for the fans of Northampton Town Football Club.

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