Looking Forward By Looking Back

Northampton Town Podcast We’re Back! – Charles, Danny, Neil and Jefé are back with the first pod of a brand new season.

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Guess Who’s Back

Oooh it’s good to be back recording Cobblers To Me again.

We’ve made a couple of changes to the pod this year. We want to involve you, our fantastic listeners more so do send us your thoughts on all things Cobblers to itsallcobblers@gmail.com.

We are also going back to just one podcast a week. We hope that this will make everything we do that little bit better as we can concentrate on quality over quantity.

Having said that, next week we’ve got a bumper week of episodes for you as we build up to the start of the new season and the first game back at Sixfields against Port Vale.

One of those episodes will be the live recording of the fans forum that we are holding in partnership with Northampton Town Football Club on Tuesday 3rd August. Jon Brady, Colin Calderwood and Marc Richards will all be available to answer your questions on the eve of the new season. Do come along and join us and make sure to say hello.



It’s All Cobblers To Me is a Vibrant Sound Media production for the fans of Northampton Town Football Club.

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