Awful Afternoon At Argyle

Saturday saw the Cobblers record their 4th successive defeat and drop into the dreaded relegation zone, sorry I did try and make the introduction more positive, but I couldn’t!

After Jefe unintentionally upset the entire population of Argyle with her pre-match preview (she didn’t mean to and actually loves all the Argyle fans she regularly natters to in her hometown!), the game was set to be an eventful affair.

However, it seems that no matter what the Cobblers do, they can’t seem to get a result anywhere. With Rocky back in the squad, we were all looking forward to a free-scoring team to grace the pitch, but yet again, the puzzle pieces were all jumbled up- never mind the (absent) defence!

Now, we’re all hoping that Tuesday night sees a repeat of the dramas against Swindon early in the season last year and we finally get some more points on the board.

Tune into the pod on Tuesday, where I am sure we’ll be on fine form, regardless of the result.


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