Iconic NTFC XI

NTFC recently asked fans to come up with their own #MyIconicNTFCXI teams and we didn't want to miss out. Who did we pick? Find out here!

Postbag Special

This week's podcast is a postbag special as we answer your questions and share your anecdotes. Keep sending them in on social media and to itsallcobblers@gmail.com.

It’s All Corona To Me

Apparently someone cancelled the football. How very dare they! No problem though because we're here to entertain you with a. urging postbag and a returning favourite!

Oh Sam!

Choas hits the pod this week as Sam Hoskins is sent off against Mansfield and Charles gets his Mark Coopers all mixed up.

No One Likes A Sticky Patch

How do you solve a problem like The Cobblers? Answer: You don't. No one can. Just enjoy the rollercoaster of a ride. There's loads to talk about this week including a 3-0 win over Grimsby, our next game against Mansfield and some old man called Paul McGregor says mean things about us.

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