Concerns about podcast return

With everyone putting statements out lately we felt a bit left out so here’s one from us.

We hope it doesn’t interrupt your enjoyment of basking in the glory of Saturday’s England win and that you can understand how important it is that we make you aware of the current lay of the land.

Last week we put out a tweet asking for your thoughts on all the latest Cobblers news as we were planning to record a podcast this week.

We went to record the podcast but, in the end, couldn’t fit it in around the other podcast we’ve been making daily for the Euros. If you’ve not listened to it yet, you should. Just search for It’s All Euro 2020 To Me on your podcast app or Google. Then click subscribe or follow to make sure you never miss an episode.

Anyway, it turns out it’s quite tiring recording a daily podcast at 10pm every night and to be honest, we just aren’t in a very Cobblers mood.

The Euros is so much fun and with all the nonsense right now, we can’t be arsed.

Those of you who have sent in your thoughts on the close season, thank you. We will keep them for the first recording we do so all is not lost.

The Euros ends next weekend so it won’t be long until we’re back with It’s All Cobblers To Me and football, of course, comes home.

Enjoy the rest of the Euros and COME ON ENGLAND!


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