15: Kevin Van Been

Happy New Year Cobblers fans! The It’s All Cobblers boys are here once again and have a few things to get off their chest.

Theres talk of KvV’s departure back to Scunthorpe, a review (of sorts) of the games against MK and Forest Green, and the final chapter in the long running Alistair Slowe saga. 

As usual, if you’d like to contact us please do so 

via email: itsallcobblers@gmail.com

Twitter: @CobblersToMe

This week’s epiode is sponsored by [Cafe Track](https://www.track.org.uk/cafe) quality food and drink, market square Northampton..Monday to Friday 9 till 4, Saturday 9 till 3pm. Supporting Autistic people to access employment so the profits from every purchase are used to create more opportunities. Sensoru and visual guide on our website [www.track.org.uk/cafe](https://www.track.org.uk/cafe)

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