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A slightly different episode this week as first we join Charles at Harpole Playing Fields where NTFC Women are taking on Notts County and then we’re in the pub with Charles, Neil and Fan Club member, Mike Fuller.

Northampton Town Women

While we have been huge champions of the Cobblers’ women’s team for the last couple of years, we’ve not that often managed to get to see them play live. On Sunday, Charles popped over to Harpole to witness the team’s return to league action.

James Wiles provides us with a report from the game and post match interview with managers Lou and Josh.

In The Pub

With Christmas just days away, Charles and Neil agreed to meet up in the pub for a drink and a chat about the Cobblers with Fan Club member, Mike Fuller.

While there may have been no Cobblers 1st team game this week, there’s still plenty to talk about including circuit breakers, mandatory vaccinations for players and the East Stand.


This week’s question comes from John Mantle who asks:

When/if the east stand is developed, how will the away allocation work as obviously currently a proportion of the east is given over to away supporters. The point being, I would be interested in a box for either matches or even a season, but would not want the box behind an away following! My understanding is that boxes would run along the entire stand, maybe this won’t be the case? Struggling to see how this would work, as in the 1st division, many teams would bring with them more fans that the 980 or so housed in the south stand, so would for most home games have to give up space in the new east stand. I really do think that the east stand should be completed as a much wider plan for the stadium, but sadly can’t see this happening. Oddly, I’m amazed that the club don’t reach out to businesses to support financially, and have naming rights for example? Also surprised that the club never seem to want to raise any capital through some sort of share supporter scheme? I’m sure other clubs have done something similar?

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Weston Favell Food Bank

Sales of the IACTM Podcast Mug are going really well, thank you to all who have bought one so far.

All the profits are going to Weston Favell Food Bank and you can get your hands on one for just £14.99 at

Let’s raise as much money as possible so that no one goes hungry this Christmas ever.


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