Introducing the Cobblers’ Her Game Too Ambassador!

An introduction to the Cobblers' new Her Game Too Ambassador!

We were so happy to hear, at the start of this weekend, that the Cobblers now have a Her Game Too ambassador! After making a shout out to Cobblers fans to get involved via the Hartlepool United Preview Show two weeks ago, Heidi Green has answered the call and is now in place as the ambassador for the club. 

To get to know Heidi a bit more, we’ve asked her what made her get involved, what it means to her and how Cobblers fans can get in touch…

How long have you been following the Cobblers?

As long as I can remember. Firstly, i was born in Northampton and I’m a County Ground girl! My dear friend and old youth club leader Alan used to take us to the games in the early 90’s and from the get go I was hooked. Unfortunately, due to a job working Saturdays for years I couldn’t attend as much as I would have liked but with a new Monday to Friday role I’m back and this is my first season as a season ticket holder. And after the success of the Lionesses, Little Cobbler has now got the taste of claret too! 

Any favourite memories of the Cobblers?

Oh where to start?! There are two things that really stick in my mind. They sound awful but make me laugh now for what we go through for our favourite teams!

I have been fortunate enough to only need one proper operation in my life but remember it well. I had my tonsils removed in 1995 and it was the most horrific experience ever. The pain! The blood! Yuk. 

Anyway, the Cobblers were away at Leyton Orient just after my op and my dad advised me not to go. Of course, I didn’t listen and remember crying in the stand as I was in so much pain. And from memory we lost. So yeah, great times!  Also, I remember being the coldest I have ever ever been one snowy, bitter Boxing Day at Sixfields. Again my dad said we shouldn’t go as it was too cold and he knew I would moan the whole way through. It was and I did! Poor Dad eh. 

I also remember spending hours and hours cutting up old magazines and newspapers into tiny squares and throwing it up in the air when the team came out and they scored. Sorry to whoever had to clean that up in the North stand….

So many good and not so good memories over the years. But I cannot wait to create more memories with my daughter and maybe her children in the future. 

What made you want to take the role as NTFC Her Game Too Ambassador?

I have been eagerly following the HGT movement since it formed in 2021. After hearing the lovely Jill from Hartlepool on the podcast I decided that I feel so passionately about it and my beloved NTFC that I wanted to be involved. No, I HAD to be involved. My daughter is 6 (known as Little Cobbler) and she is the next generation of football fans. I wanted to ensure she and other women have a safe, welcoming space to follow their teams. Without fear of prejudice and somewhere where they can be themselves and follow their passion.

How important is it for the Cobblers to have an ambassador?

I think it’s very important. I want to be the voice of women who may feel they cannot speak for themselves or who are scared to come forward if something happens to them. They say every day is a school day and we are constantly learning and educating ourselves so I am very excited to be part of this. The Her Game Too movement is so, so important and I can’t wait to get stuck in. 

Could you tell us about some of your experiences, good or bad, of being a female fan at Cobblers or other games?

I have to say on the whole, personally I have not had any negative experiences that I recall. But then not much bothers me so maybe I’ve just subconsciously ignored it? I am a confident person who can hold my own and after being meticulously bullied at school for being a bit different and not following the crowd, I have developed a very thick skin. 

But I am not naive enough to think everyone is like this so I want to be the voice of women who suffer unnecessarily at football games/online and who maybe can’t find they voice. I must add that Little Cobbler has always had a very positive reception from home and away fans. 

What are you looking to bring to the role?

I’ve touched on this previously but I want to be the voice of the women who feel they cannot speak for themselves. I want to be someone they can approach and talk to if they need too. I want to be a spokeswoman for our female fans, home and away and I feel confident enough to approach the club if there is an issue. 

How can people get in touch with you and report any form of abuse in our outside a match? 

My personal twitter is @HACHGEE and the dedicated twitter for this is @ntfcxhgt. The email address is and this and twitter are both monitored regularly. My season ticket seat is E86 and I am at most home games so anyone is welcome to come and report an issue or just for a natter if they want to. I also attend away games as much as I can, usually on the supporter’s coach. I’m very approachable so please, anyone come and say hi! 

How far do you think we still have to go in making women and girls feel comfortable at games?

I think we are getting there, the Her Game Too movement is still fairly new but with the fabulous efforts by the Lionesses in the Euro’s, we have certainly come a long way since I first attended games in the early 90’s. 

As the HGT movement matures, everyone will come to understand that inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. For now I think the main issue is online where people hide behind a keyboard but we are getting there and changes are afoot! 


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