Northampton Town Redevelopment: An Open Letter

With the Cobblers asking for input from the fans regarding the future development of the Easts Stand and Sixfields Stadium in general, we, as a podcast team, have agreed upon what we see as the future of the Sixfields Complex – giving Northampton Town Football Club the best possible future.

Water park

We know that many will see our idea of a water park as a bit of a joke, but hear us out.

The idea of a water park was first mentioned on an episode of It’s All Cobblers To Me way back in 2019. Yes, it was Neil’s suggestion and yes, it was a bit of a joke. But as time has passed, it’s become one of the most viable uses of the land out of the back of the East Stand to date.


There have been several other ideas made about how to utilise the land of course. A training complex, 3G pitches and boxing training centre have all been given air time.

The one thing that connects all of these though is the fact that there already these facilities, or similar, within easy reach of Sixfields and Northampton.

The closest water park? Thorpe Park in Guildford. That’s at least a 4 hour stand-off on the M25 away!

Financial Stability

A water park is the only viable suggestion that will bring financial security to Northampton Town Football Club.

Think about it. Millions of visitors through the gates each year would bring an incredible amount of revenue back into the coffers of the football club.

Kids would demand to be taken throughout the school holidays. Parents would welcome the distraction from having to think about what to cook for tea and how they’ll keep their children entertained. And for the Dads… An amazing football club, serving up world class football every other weekend.

Positive Thinking

As with any idea, there will be detractors.

Initial costs will be high. Where will everyone park? Will Sam Hoskins be able to still play football without getting his hair wet?

To all these things we say: don’t be so negative!

Forget IKEA, a water park will be the best thing that ever happened to Northampton.

Imagine it. It’s a beautiful sunny, summer’s day. You’ve changed your t-shirt twice already due to the sweat pouring from your back and it’s not even lunchtime. What’s the best thing you could possibly do? Play around in nice, cooling water!

Ride the Ali Koiki Rapids and take in the sights and sounds of the River Nene. Hop aboard the Darryn Stamp Log Flume – the highest flume in Europe – before drying yourself in the Martin Reeves Blowers and dare to defy gravity on the Roy Hunter Slides.

And once you need to refuel your energy supplies, visit the David Rennie Restaurant or Bayo’s Chicken Shack.

For the little ones, Ali Gibb’s Lazy River is a nice change of pace. And if you’re feeling competitive, Sean Dyche’s Total Wipeout Zone is idea for that office team building day out.

Before you leave, pay a special visit to the Eric Sabin Sauna and Steam Rooms and grab yourself a souvenir from Billy Turley’s Gift Shop.

Soak It In

So forget all your training grounds, brewery taps and music venues. The Water Park is the way forward for our beloved football club.

An artist’s impression of a water park (or a real one taken from Google)


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