Postbag Special

This week's podcast is a postbag special as we answer your questions and share your anecdotes. Keep sending them in on social media and to itsallcobblers@gmail.com.

It’s All Corona To Me

Apparently someone cancelled the football. How very dare they! No problem though because we're here to entertain you with a. urging postbag and a returning favourite!

Oh Sam!

Choas hits the pod this week as Sam Hoskins is sent off against Mansfield and Charles gets his Mark Coopers all mixed up.

No One Likes A Sticky Patch

How do you solve a problem like The Cobblers? Answer: You don't. No one can. Just enjoy the rollercoaster of a ride. There's loads to talk about this week including a 3-0 win over Grimsby, our next game against Mansfield and some old man called Paul McGregor says mean things about us.

Pump It Up, The Tyres Flat

4 losses on the spin in League 2 might have made us slightly delirious for recording this week as the team are all laughing and joking around. We also unveil the winner of the pair of home tickets we gave away with our annual listener survey.

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