Statement: Social media blackout

We at It’s All Cobblers To Me have been appalled to read about the vile and appalling abuse received by players of colour on social media in recent times.

No one should have to put up with any form of hate, be it online or in person.

We believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to stand up and be counted in the battle against hate and as such will be joining the football clubs of the EPL, EFL, WSL and beyond in boycotting social media this weekend.

The social media companies need to take some responsibility for allowing their users to post such disgusting words on their platforms.

Racism and hate has no place in society. We are all human and we all make mistakes but it is not a mistake to call someone names because of the colour of their skin or where in the world they are from. Not today or any day.

The boycott begins at 1500 on Friday and will remain in place until 2359 on Monday.

This will include our usual match day Twitter coverage will not be taking place as the Cobblers take on Blackpool in a game that could decide our fate.

We also won’t be posting on our exclusive to Patreon supporters Slack channel.

The Preview Show and It’s All Cobblers To Me podcasts will be released as normal on Friday and Tuesday morning respectively. They will only be promoted however, in the hours before and after the boycott.

The boycott of course won’t in itself stop online discriminatory abuse, however it will hopefully demonstrate to the wider world and in particular the social media providers that the football family is willing to collectively take voluntary and proactive steps in this ongoing battle.

We all feel the wider social issues facing sport and society in general, are far more important than likes and downloads. And we know that our loyal and regular listeners will support and understand our stance.

If we as football fans can rise up against racism, the same way as we all did just last week against the European Super League, we can be a positive force for change.

There is no room for racism.

Thank you.


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