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It’s All Cobblers To Me is free to listen to but a lot of time, effort and money goes into making it.

We love that people listen to us chatting about the Cobblers. That makes all our listeners legends in our eyes.

We set up our Fan Club on Patreon in order to allow you to support what we do financially. If you want to.

Think of it as a tip jar – if you’re enjoying the podcast, have some spare cash and want to donate some of it, then go for it!

The money is used to pay for the hosting costs for both this website and the podcast itself. We also sponsor Northampton Town Women player, Abbie Brewin, which we’ve been proud to do for the last two seasons now. Any money left over is used to improve the quality of the equipment we use to make the podcast.

In return for your support, you’ll get access to a host of extra content such as bonus podcast episodes and our famous monthly Zoom quiz.

If you decide to continue listening for free, then that’s fine too.

When we started out we were happy if just one person was listening, even if that was just someone from the club’s legal team waiting to sue! The fact that we are now listened to by roughly 1,000 people every week is mind blowing, so thank you!


Danny, Charles and Neil meet former Cobblers manager, Chris Wilder