Hall of Fame

Every supporter who signs up to support the podcast on our Patreon page is inducted into the It’s All Cobblers To Me Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame is only open to those listeners who have an extra special place in our hearts.

Hall of Famers are a very special breed of It’s All Cobblers To Me listeners who provide not only their ears, but their hard earned pennies to the podcast cause.

While each and every one of our listeners is valued by us, those in the Hall of Fame have gone further and donated to the cause.

Moulton Masters Walking Football Club

Craig Abbott

Giles Lawrence

Mike Fuller

Craig West

Adrian Barnett

Malcolm Butler

Brian Hayward

Martin Hasker

Melbourne Cobbler

Derek Kirby

Peter French

Luke Hodgkin

Brian Wills

Thomas Chiswell

Steven Tomlin

Gill Brothers

Roz Spokes

Gareth & Valerie

Robert & Matt Salmons

Becky Mann

Ben Barker

Huw Allen

Peter Hodgkin

Daniel Darwood

Matthew Nickel

Iestyn Pocock

Haydon Spenceley

Onion Man

Lee Gray

Ben Barker

Daniel Adams

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