A podcast is just like a radio show but on the internet.

Podcasts also aren’t stuck to a schedule, they can be listened to at any time.

It’s All Cobblers To Me is a weekly podcast released every Tuesday throughout the football season. But you don’t have to listen to it there and then.

Once it’s been put online, it is there for eternity and can be listened to at any time you want to.


Most people listen to podcasts on their mobile phone.

Every iPhone comes with the Apple Podcasts app already installed on it and Android users will find Google Podcasts ready and waiting for you to use.

The other most popular app is Spotify, which you can download for free on most mobile devices and computers.

There are other, third party podcast apps that you can install onto your phone if you prefer.

Whatever app you choose to use, open it up and go to the search area and type in It’s All Cobblers To Me.

Click on our logo (it looks like the NTFC Club Crest) and then hit the Follow button (a little + sign on Apple Podcasts)

Every time we release a new episode your phone will know about it and may even notify you to get you to listen to it.

From here you will just have to click on our name and hit the play button to listen.


Alternatively, you’ll find all of our episodes here on our website.

Just take a look at our FIXTURE LIST under EPISODES on the menu.