Cobblers Crumple to Charlton

Northampton Town hosted the Addicks of Charlton Athletic on Saturday. After a bright first 20 minutes from The Cobblers, the inevitable happened and Charlton headed back to south-east London with all 3 points.

On this episode of It’s All Cobblers To Me, Charles is joined by Chessie and Danny as they look back on the weekend’s 2-0 defeat.

Chessie discusses the art of lumping it while Danny can’t keep the Black Eyed Peas out of his head.

Charles isn’t impressed with the referee’s handling of Charlon’s showmanship, asking the question: if you can’t beat them, do you join them?

With Neil away, Charles has collected a bulging postbag with thoughts from Mark Josiah, Phill Kirby and a question from Gareth (of Gareth & Valerie fame) about whether the thing letting the Cobblers down right now is concentration or quality.

Danny provides a quick update on the fortunes of NTFC Women, who finally had a game to play after 3 weeks of postponements due to the dreaded C-word.

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