Charles Commins

Charles is the founder and main presenter of the award-winning It's All Cobblers To Me podcast. He began the podcast after going self-employed in 2018 as a podcast producer and voiceover artist. The original thought being that It's All Cobblers To Me would be a place to try out new things - like a test podcast of sorts. As well as being Cobblers mad, Charles is also a ultramarathon runner and has a blog about that that he tries to keep up to date as often as he can.

Cobblers Team of 2022

With 2022 coming to a close, it’s time to announce the Cobblers team of the year. It’s been a good calendar year for The Cobblers. We’ve won 23 out of 49 games in the league (including play off matches), amassing a total of 83 points. That would have seen us finish 3rd last season, just …

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