Jon Brady

2021 - present | Manager Manager of Northampton Town from January 2021. He won promotion to League One in his second full season in charge.
Jon Brady holds an Australian flag with a big smile on his face on the cover of his Cobblers Chats episode

Northampton Town manager, Jon Brady joins us on the pod to celebrate this year’s season which culminated in promotion to League One.

The gaffer fills us in on how he’s cultivated the bond between him, the club and the fans, the real effect of the injury crisis and why Adam Morton is the heartbeat of the football club.

We ask Jon questions about his time at the club and put some questions that our Patreon supporters posed too.

Plus, Jon has a question for us that is sure to fire up a debate.

All in all, this is one episode you won’t want to miss!

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[00:00:00] Jon Brady: Praying again, honey Scott Gummy was closing in oh gum squad at the Osman against Brad Jones to put Liverpool out to the cup. Not that.
[00:00:24] Danny Brothers: Hello and welcome to a very special, It's All Cobblers To Me. I'm Danny Brothers and I'm here with my good friends, Charles Commins and Chessie 'Jefé' Coleman. How are you doing guys? 
[00:00:34] Charles Commins: Hello. Well thanks Danny. 
[00:00:36] Danny Brothers: Hello. Good. 
[00:00:37] Chessie Coleman: Very good. Some time to recover from everything. Still reveling 
[00:00:41] Charles Commins: still reveling Still Still 
[00:00:42] Danny Brothers: reveling.
What cloud do 
[00:00:42] Charles Commins: we, on a minute. I dunno where, I dunno how high we actually went Danny. That's the question, isn't it? How, what? I think we went 
[00:00:48] Danny Brothers: further than cloud line to be fair. Way up. There we're probably Cloud 22. You were getting down. I was on my 
[00:00:52] Chessie Coleman: way down. Obviously having a lovely time, but, but yeah.
Then my post box Theron arrived from Northampton, and then I was like, oh, right, that's out the window. I'm happy 
[00:01:04] Charles Commins: again. 
[00:01:07] Danny Brothers: Not Theran Theron didn't go out the window. Didn't, no, Theron didn't go out the 
[00:01:10] Chessie Coleman: window. No, but the, the happiness I completely took me back to that day. 
[00:01:15] Danny Brothers: Yeah. I completely forgot to order one.
When you showed us that picture, I was like, ah, I forgot. Yeah. 
[00:01:19] Chessie Coleman: Some aunts and uncles. 
[00:01:21] Danny Brothers: See. Yeah. Good stuff. Anyway, uh, we're gonna talk about this season, um, with a very special guest. This season Will, that's just gone, will go down in the record books as a Northampton Town promotion. Of course, anyone has been a part of it though will remember for the rest of our lives how it wasn't just a promotion, it was a fight against adversity in so many ways.
It was a season that stretched the staff, the players, and the fans to their very, very limits. And it was one that took us through every single emotion possible to talk us through all of that. We're so pleased to welcome to Itzel Cobbles to me, Mr. John Brady. How are you doing, John? 
[00:01:57] Jon Brady: Very well, uh, good evening, Charles, Danny, and Che.
Uh, lovely to, uh, see you and, uh, what I need to do first and foremost, congratulate, uh, Charles on Supporter of the Year and congratulate late you guys on a fantastic podcast that you, uh, you deliver each week, uh, for our football club. It's amazing. Thank you. Thank you. 
[00:02:18] Danny Brothers: Thanks so much, John. We'll, we'll see if you're saying that in a half an hour start, but, um, but John, I I wanted to start off just, um, very simple.
Why, why we've got the chance to, it's very rare that we would get the chance to say this to a manager at the end of such a good season. Um, but to you and the staff and to the players, I think all of us are hopefully can speak for all Cobbles fans by just. Have taken the chance to say thank you because it's just been a hell of a journey.
It's been an, a rollercoaster, that's an emotional journey for all of us involved. Um, so for us just to be able to say thank you to you in person for, to start off with, it's, it's just been incredible. So yeah, genuinely from all of us as Cobbles fans, thank you 
[00:02:58] Jon Brady: so much. I'm very grateful for that. But I bet you there were moments throughout the season.
You probably weren't thanking me. If if you didn't have the context, you probably, uh, uh, yeah, I, I, I no doubt there were moments that, uh, you know, we, we weren't thanked, but, uh, I understand that's football. That's football mate. I think, I think there were bits 
[00:03:19] Charles Commins: weren't there throughout the season where, I mean, you're right, we didn't have the context.
We are not clued up on anything. We don't get told anything extra to anybody else. Um, e even if you ask, you still get the same sort of responses that everybody else would get. Um, but I think. There was always that one thing that went through, like with, and you'll, you'll be fully aware of this, John, but like, you know, in football, a couple of bad results and, and people start talking about whether a new person should come in and whether they could do any better.
And I don't think, and this is only off the top of my head, I've not gone back and checked, but I don't think anyone ever said anything. Like, we never got anywhere near that. Rightly so. But you know how fickle football fans are and we are no different. You know, we're all the same. We're all human. But yeah, we had a moan at times.
There were certain bits we're just like, oh, for goodness sake. But it was never, you know, and I think Danny, in fairness, you know, just to call him out a little bit on this in a good way, is that he was the one that was always sort of turning around and just going, yeah, but how good is it gonna be when we get promotion with you as manager, the rest of the coaching staff, you know, the, the whole app.
Community spirit and, and just feeling so connected to the football club. Um, again, so yeah, there's, there's, there's hard times. There's times where we, uh, we probably swore a few times, especially sort of Christmas and just after. But, you know, look at us now, and we're, we're, we're very happy to turn around and just be like, right, no, it's done.
It's really good that it's done and now we can push on next, 
[00:05:01] Jon Brady: next level. Don't you think it's, uh, a lot sweeter? Uh, at times when you, when you go through those hard times and when you come out on top, and I did, uh, did a thing, I've done a lot of things lately on the radio, podcasts, et cetera, et cetera, and I did a thing for the EFL the other day, and I just said on reflection, it was probably the, you know, not going up last year was some.
Some really good things for us because we strengthened. It made our resolve stronger. It, it just helped us so much and probably thankful that it gave us a lot of resilience, grit, determination that, um, that probably we didn't realize was within us that much. Cuz we've had to dig so deep at ti. Right? I mean, hugely deep at times, uh, this season.
So for that, I'm pretty grateful in a way because it's, it's made us find a lot more within ourselves than we ever thought we probably had and knew were strong, but my God, we had to be hugely strong this year at, at, in many occasions. Yeah, 
[00:06:09] Charles Commins: looking 
[00:06:09] Chessie Coleman: back, I think I was quite, quite glad of that, that season where we didn't go up because I actually think it was the real making of us as, as we moved forward.
I don't think, honestly with, with the injury crisis that we were found with and all the other things that we, we now know. I don't think we'd have been able to do that this time last year. 
[00:06:31] Jon Brady: I don't think we were good enough by Che. I don't think we were good enough by the end of last year. I, if I'm being honest, um, now on reflection compared to where we are now, I don't think we were good enough.
Uh, and potentially would we have been able to sustain League one last year? I don't know. I don't, I would like to have hoped that we could, but I think we're better equipped now, uh, than we were, and I think that's the most important thing. So I think timing's everything in life. I'm a title believer in that, and I feel that, um, you know, it is a good time at the moment and for us really do, 
[00:07:11] Charles Commins: do you think, just, just going back to.
Uh, last year, the end of last season in terms of the, you know, that that last what, six weeks or so, something like that. One thing that we've talked a little bit about on the pod is about how in that last sort of six to 10 games last season, essentially we had one man coming off the bench in Danny Rose.
That was the one change that you were making each time. And then over the summer, that was clearly something that you went and rectified. And it's very rare in a way that as fans you can kind of pinpoint something and then you see the manager actually do the thing to solve it. Cuz you went out, you bolster the squad.
And it wasn't just with people to sit on the bench, it was people to, you know, fight for that number. And I mean, look, you know, it's a really good job that you did that because we needed every single one of them for what, at least a minimum of five games. This season I think was probably the least amount of games that somebody actually managed to play.
So I mean it the fact that you go out and then you go and do that, It's a cliche to say it isn't it? But you learn more through those harder times than you do through winning every single weakness maybe. And therefore you learn a lot. At the end of last season, you learned that we needed more, more bodies to combat the injuries, you know, and to change it and things like that.
And then you went and did it. And it's rare, I think, sometimes that you see that happen for the same manager. You know, often when a managerial change happens, fresh ideas, they come in looking at it from the outside, but see somebody that was in the job then go and do it. I dunno just, just my sort of point of view and perspective on it was just like that was the first good sign, if you like, for the start of this season was we now had a bigger, not necessarily bigger in terms of numbers, but there was more depth in the squad it felt this season.
[00:09:03] Jon Brady: Yeah. Look as we all could see that, uh, from last year, I. Continually only felt that I had 12 or 13, I'll be honest with you, that that could really affect the game. And then when we had some injuries at times, that was really tough. And uh, you know, I felt this season at times, uh, well, when I had close to a Fit Squad, I had a.
Fair few options on the bench, and then, uh, at times they dwindled due to injuries. And, uh, like I said, um, on the Kalu Show the other week, I think the, the first half of the season set me up for the, certainly the second half of the season, where, to be honest, we had, you know, it, it started on the opening day of the season where I'd, I'd lost within the week, I'd lost a few bodies and I'd lost Mayo who was also gonna start.
And then that forced, um, Tyler to come in, unconditioned. And, you know, the, it started there and then, and unfortunately we, we did have five or six on average. We worked it out, uh, myself and Jamie from the media. We worked it out. That was five or six on average up until Christmas. And, but we were still able to call on.
You know, threw or four on the bench, which was really good, you know, but then I, the thing that you guys probably don't see, I had to take a real big hit in the Papa Johns and care about cups because I just couldn't risk anything. And, you know, I'm not gonna make that public at the time. And we, we made sure we fitted the CRI criteria in which we did.
But, um, you know, that was, that was hard to take. And especially when I went hit switch away, and I looked at their team sheet and I was like, Ooh, this could be an interesting night. And it was, you know, it was, and that there, they're really things that you, you know, you guys, I've gotta stand up there and I front that.
And, um, you know, I had to put a really young side out, uh, Tomlinson and, and Daish on at the end. And, uh, look, we had to take it. They, they've, they've got out of that. They've got great experiences and who knows? Does that really help Max? In his journey towards the end of the season. You know, things like that.
So, you know, and then, and then like I said, you know, from Christmas onwards, having over 10 out and finding a way was just incredible. But maybe the first half of the season really, really, really did set me up and I was, uh, you know, it, it helped me for the la latter part of the season, to be honest. 
[00:11:36] Danny Brothers: Mm-hmm.
We got, we actually got a question from one of our patrons, Matt Michael, who asked, I think he's, he is asking a serious question, but he was saying at the height of the injury was, did you ever consider getting warts to prepare outfield shirts for Lee, Tom King or even Johnny Max did? No, it's the, there's nothing, I'm guessing there's a rule against that 
[00:11:57] Jon Brady: at some point.
Yeah, obviously not Mors. Uh, bless him. He is not filling enough. But, uh, just for a little bit of fun, I, uh, wound morts up for a week or two saying that, uh, I'd like an outfield shirt for King and, uh, that I feel could do a job up front or center back cuz of his height. And, uh, just started winding him up and then, uh, then he started to whisper to Ricko.
I think the cafe is serious.
So that was, uh, that was a good week or two and just a bit of banter around the, uh, around the dressing room to be honest. Yeah, yeah. Uh, can 
[00:12:36] Danny Brothers: you just tell us a little bit about Adam Morton and his impact around the club because he's, he's just such a, an iconic figure around the club now that he's so loved by the fans and everything, but what's, what's he like, what's, what is his impact around the dressing room and 
[00:12:48] Jon Brady: everything?
Okay. So, uh, his impact around the dressing room and the players, uh, uh, he falls in love with nearly every player. And how can every player not fall in love with him? Uh, mm-hmm. And then the guys are so respectful of him and, uh, almost, you know, uh, To the point where like, he's like their little brother and they look after him and um, you know, then, then they get extra little treats with their kit and stuff like that.
It's all, you know, washed in Pristine where some, um, some do take it home, but some, uh, some, um, you know, have it washed by Adam. But we wanted to take that sort of off him to allow him to do other things. But a few still, still sneak in a few washes and stuff like that. So, uh, but then, um, he'll come down to training and he'll tell me, he, he'll tell me when he is coming down to training through the week.
But, uh, One of his jobs is to, um, you know, uh, just make sure the balls are in good flow if we need to feed him in and stuff like that. And then you'll look round and he's, he's gone missing and he is off chatting with someone else and fist bumping, uh, everyone and, and things like that. And then, uh, you know, you match day prep.
You're, uh, you're in the office and you, he strolls in as if, uh, time you've got all the time in the world. And he'll fist bump you about 400 times and give you about 500 hugs. And you know, it's just Adam and it's lovely. And, and it's sort of, uh, Normalizes a lot of things in, in that type of environment.
So we are very blessed to have him, to be honest, I've gotta say. And, uh, he is the, uh, the heartbeat of, uh, our football club. Yeah. 
[00:14:35] Charles Commins: I think it, when, whenever I've walked in to go and sp you know, when we've been setting up for the fans forums and things like that before, uh, Adam walks through and Yeah. He, he, he, he can't help himself, can he?
In a way. He's such a nice bloke and he just wants, why wouldn't you love him? He, he's great. I absolutely adore. I mean, I think earlier in the week, if you saw, uh, on Twitter, you know, Nick Adams was asked who the best kit man was in the, in the whole league. And there was only one answer for him. It was motz, uh, I mean, things like that.
You know, the relationships that, that get built. And I, I think you're right in terms of that, that normalization kind of thing. Maybe just that almost brings all the players, not that they necessarily need this by the way, but just brings them into reality of the football club as a community or part of the community, I should say.
And not just on a pedestal where thousands go to the church of six or to worship them once a fortnight. Mm-hmm. Um, it's great. I, I love the fact that Morris is there every time and just what he's like. It's fantastic. 
[00:15:41] Jon Brady: It's great. And 
[00:15:42] Danny Brothers: in terms of John, um, yeah, David, we've got this special bond with the club now.
When you first joined it, obviously people like Mores helps people who have been in club inside the club, helps to build up that connection and that emotion behind the club. How long did that take after you first joined the club to get that? How, how quickly 
[00:16:00] Jon Brady: did you feel that. Were you talking when, uh, maybe I joined the youth team or when I joined his first adjustment Yeah.
Youth. Yeah. From the, from the youth 
[00:16:09] Danny Brothers: team. Yeah. 
[00:16:10] Jon Brady: Okay. So, uh, look, I, I, I only looked at, uh, afar and I felt that, um, you know, everyone's, like you say, got a connection with Adam, but, you know, I'm, I was, I never came inside, um, the first team groups because I was very respectful of, uh, the managers and, you know, I, I'd speak to other manage, like the managers that have been there on, on an ad hoc basis.
So, Justin knew me from, from the past, um, found Jimmy, uh, hardly ever spoke to me. To be honest, uh, Dean wanted me alongside him, um, straight away, uh, and to help him. Uh, and I did when he, when he first went up, and, uh, I just didn't want to go and pursue that any further, uh, for the next season with him. Uh, just, just basically because I was enjoying the youth team and I had a real strong group to develop back then.
And then, uh, obviously Keith, um, came in with Colin West and Colin West I played with for two years. Uh, it was a teammate of mine and, uh, I knew them and obviously our relationship built and I got on really well with Keith. And, uh, huge respect for him. And, uh, yeah. So, um, they all had their, their own ways and what they do of, uh, you know, building team spirits and.
And that, but, uh, you know, I, I came in and uh, obviously when, when I first started, uh, it was, I took over a group that were probably, uh, you know, you guys weren't connected to that group because it was Covid, wasn't it? And you are, you are watching through videos and, uh, the whole fans were, and it was, it was important.
It was hard for the players talking to them about, uh, you know, playing in a game with no atmosphere. Players felt found that quite difficult. A lot of players thrived off that Rosy, for example, really thrive. You know, he's, uh, Antoine villain, isn't he? And he, he, he thrived off the crowd being there and, you know, a lot of his, uh, tactics and the way he do did things didn't really work.
Cause uh, obviously the referee saw, saw straight through that at the time, but, Um, I saw a, a group really devout of, uh, confidence and lacking in confidence in themselves. And just my opening speech to them was, uh, I don't wanna know what you can't do. I wanna know what you can do and I really wanna work on what you can do.
And then, uh, I had a steering group straight away, uh, that I, I put together six players, uh, Millsy, Fraser, Sam Hoskins, Sean, McWilliams, um, the, the other two, the, um, Shean, uh, and one other. And, uh, they were great because, uh, I wanted to empower the players. They policed the dress dressing room for me, and they, uh, but what I wanted to ask is, what do you need?
Week in, week out, what do you need? What do you want? And um, I gave, I gave them what they wanted and, uh, they gave me back everything they had as well, that group. And we, we narrowly missed out and we, and I built off that. And then I wanted to build a connection with you guys when it came back with the fans, especially, I wanted to build a culture where we're all together, we're all as one.
And, uh, like I said, this is, uh, you know, I'm moved up here in 98 and, uh, you know, this is, this is my home basically. And, uh, you know, I've, like I said, I won, well, I played with three other clubs within the county and, and I've always felt that, Everyone's working against each other and no one wanted to work with a lot of people within the county.
I've got a lot of friends within the county and, you know, and, and a lot of my mates are cobblers fans. My, my mates, you know, and, uh, probably get more stick than anyone, don't I, you know, so, um, but look, you know, that that was really key in trying to build a culture and I, I felt if we could build a special culture within, um, our football club, and I wanted to bring that back, I wanted to bring back the localness, the togetherness, um, and the connection with the fans.
And I feel we are doing that. We're, we're creating that special bond. We're nowhere near the finished article of doing that, but, uh, we're, you know, it's a work in progress and I hope you guys can feel it from your side of things. 
[00:20:51] Charles Commins: Yeah, I, I think hundred percent dunno about you guys, but like, one of the things that I find most just, just really good and a great example of, of that is it's, you talk about having the togetherness and bringing.
The other sporting teams in the county closer together, you've got that connection with, you know, three of the non-league sides, um, in the county already through playing and, and managing them. But then there's, there's the saints as well. And I, I think the bit for me is that there's always been, I think between, well at least from my sort of vantage point, a bit of needle between the two sets of fans, even though they're a crossover there because it's two different sports.
But to see their players, you know, cheering us on, coming to games, uh, I can't remember which one it was, but I think there was one over Christmas where they were there, the 
[00:21:45] Jon Brady: Mansfield game. It was the Mansfield game at, in the playoffs. Yep. Knew they were coming, uh, Dows came to the Bradford game and he sat in the waist stand with his child, sent me a nice photo of it, you know, so that's really special, huh?
[00:22:02] Charles Commins: it's, it's one of those, isn't it? You look at it and you just sort of go to see them do, and, and then it, and then it sort of branches out everywhere else. Cuz that's the thing. Now, you know, there, there was that stuff on Twitter at the, the Saints game. I can't, was it the, it wasn't the semi-final, it was one of the games beforehand where their fans are taking their shoes off.
You know that, that's a Cobbs thing. I mean, we know that the county cricket have always, you know, like they've sung Fields Green as well as we have, but they've got the Saints doing it as well. It's now this bigger thing. And while that's, that's, that's ours. That's a cobbler's thing. That's just the originator of it, but now it's branched out and now there is that togetherness.
There's always been that connection to the Cricket Club for obvious reasons, but now it's with these other teams as well. Not just in the town, but in the county. It's, it's great. It's, you know, especially from, from my point of view where I live, you know, far away here in Warrington, there's, there's two non-league sizes, Warrington Town that just got promoted to the National League North, and then there's Rylands, who two years ago won the FA Trophy or the VAs, one of the two.
They were in the same league for the first time ever last season. Rylands are a bit like the, the upstarts. They've got a bit of money or they had money that got them up to where they were. Warrenton Town didn't like it. There was all this needle between them and while it's in one way, it's quite fun seeing that.
In the other hand, you sort of go, well, hang on a minute. If you work together, you know, fine, the fans can be a little bit of a rivalry, but as a club, if you work together, then you can achieve more. And I think that's what we are kind of seeing actually. And the, the whole, you know, I know that they've lost, but imagine if Saints have beaten Sara's at the weekend and they, they'd gone into.
The, the final and, and the town would be absolutely buzzing and yeah. That's great. And that's what you kind of want, and success breeds success, I guess. 
[00:24:00] Jon Brady: Well, uh, you're right. And uh, obviously through Paul Shields, we are good friends and I, I went there the season before we started Leak two, and I wanted to see how they build their culture and what they do.
And obviously, you know, introduced me to Boyd and being a Kiwi was so welcoming to a, to an Aussie, and I found that little strange, but that was good. And, uh, you know, and, and there's, you know, then, um, Paul Shells. I hope he doesn't mind me saying this. He's like a fanboy of Mark Hughes. He's, yeah. Um, and he, he was, he was asking to come to the game last year where we won at home.
So he came in and watched our pretty much prep and we're sharing good practices, uh, et cetera. But he said, well, I, I'd like to stay when he comes in after and ask him a few questions. And he did. And it was brilliant, you know, but those type of things, we share a lot of good practices at how we deliver our analysis, et cetera, and those types of things.
But let me ask you a question. Actually, he posed, we went out for dinner the other week. He posed me a question. He said, um, I've got, I've got an idea. Next time you're in the playoffs, wouldn't it be a great idea to play at our place? Right? Listen, listen, it's too me. And, uh, I went, because I look, I went, wow.
What, 15, 16,000 packed in. They're brilliant. Wow. How good would that be? So then I went back to the club and I said, imagine that, uh, and a lot of people, oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. That wouldn't work. Tell me, what would you guys think of that? I dunno. Be honest. Be honest. Yeah. 
[00:25:50] Danny Brothers: I think part of me would be like, it's six fields is the home kind of thing.
And that's where you want the memorable moments to happen, right? Like, I think like they'd be amazing to have like 15, 16,000 fans. I completely agree on that. Um, I think to me, in the back of my head, I think when I look back on it, and if we've beaten some, let's say we've beaten Peter Bri to get to the playoff final at home, would I associate that with Franklin's Gardens?
Would that sort of memory be in my head? Whereas what I want it to be six fields. Does that make sense? Yeah, yeah, yeah. That, that's kind of where I'd be, where I would it, I think. But 
[00:26:25] Charles Commins: it's a, it's an odd one, isn't it though? Because like, I get it like 15, 16,000 because I, I'm sure for one of those big matches then, then we, we'd sell sell.
Oh yeah. Hundred percent. You know, we would do, I'm sure. Yeah. Um, but yeah, I dunno, to be fair, I've not been to Franklin's Garden since the pavilion was still there. So, you know, with the box all behind the, you know, one end. So, I mean, I've not been in, since it's all been redeveloped and, you know, looks amazing.
The closest I've come is seen it on the telly. So I, I mean, it, it's a great stadium. The one thing generates a 
[00:26:57] Chessie Coleman: good atmosphere, doesn't it? Well, well when 
[00:26:59] Charles Commins: you're, as much as a rugby crowd can come on, let's not go too badly in terms 
[00:27:04] Chessie Coleman: of, um, the fact that you've got more, what I'm saying is like you more Cobbles fans, you've got the better opportunity for the better atmosphere.
Mm-hmm. I do think, I kind of feel the way Danny feels in terms of the fact that, I dunno how I'd feel about whether that feels. Almost like routine. It's a bit like a religion, isn't it? Football and we're creatures of habit. Um, so I dunno whether I'd wanna let go of it, but I kind of think you're selling me the idea with 16,000 conference fans.
To be honest, 
[00:27:29] Charles Commins: John, 
[00:27:31] Jon Brady: when I went back to the ground, I spoke to the staff and it, uh, it was no, we always do it like this. And that's how the fans would see it and this, and it was very interesting, very interesting. It was a big 
[00:27:43] Charles Commins: debate. I bet. To be fair, it's not gonna be something that you'd get a consensus on.
I don't think I, you know, I don't think there'd be consensus amongst the four of us, let alone, you know, 10,000 cos funds. I really don't. It'd be a tough one, but a good one. I, I, you know, I do think it's a good debate. There's been, there's been talk about a ground chair. In fact, we're even 
[00:28:08] Chessie Coleman: talking about it is insane, isn't it?
How far have we come? I. Well, if that's the conversation we're having. 
[00:28:14] Charles Commins: True. The, the question though, that you'd maybe give back is that would they want to play a game at Six Fields? I know, you know, it's different because they're going down in capacity, obviously. That's the, so business wise, they just say, well, no, we can't sell as many tickets, so therefore you can't.
But in terms of, you know, just the, the, the thought process of it and the, the, yeah. The, the fairytale nature of it, would they want to play at six Wheels? And I don't think their answer would be yes. I don't, you know, let's get down the county ground again. Should we all just play at the county ground all at the same time?
[00:28:52] Danny Brothers: The same time? Yeah. Well, some of our past squads have felt a bitlike. Cricket. Like, cricket, like, yeah.
John, I wanted to, to quickly go back to, to your work with non-league, the youth and ins. Matthew Crane had a question, um, asking you about that side of things, asking if you think your years of coaching at that level and with the youth helped you to develop the coaching skills, set you up better to coach the first team as opposed to maybe some players who go straight into some like player coach into, into management straightaway.
[00:29:32] Jon Brady: Okay. Yeah. Um, so my, my journey goes back further than that, uh, 28. I, uh, I start my own business and we deliver. What did we do? We delivered sport in four facets of the business, delivered sport in schools, uh, from five year olds up to, to 12 year olds mostly, uh, and, and, uh, delivered PE in schools. And then, um, Then did soccer schools, Saturday morning clubs and, uh, advanced centers for, for players that were probably a little bit better than grassroots, but in between Ca Academy and grassroots.
And, uh, I think my best groundings been, uh, uh, delivering PE in schools, to be honest, you know, to a class of 30 that, um, really, uh, you've got, you've got probably half the group that are really interested in pe. You've got five or six that just don't want to do it. And your behavior management skills first and foremost really come to the four.
Uh, then you think about, you think about kicking a football, just for example, and approaching that ball, um, like when I was a player, I could never break that down, but obviously it's. It's a run towards it. The final bit's, a little hop, and you've gotta get your arms up to balance on one leg and, and open your toe and, and swing your foot through for a side foot pass and things like that.
Just to break it down was, uh, was really important for me to, to really deliver to. You wouldn't believe five, six year olds. Uh, and then, then thereafter the behavior management. So then obviously I, you know, I did my UA for B in 2003 with Samo and Ray Warburton. We did the UA for B fast track for senior professional players with the fa.
And then I did my, a license, funny enough, with SAMO in Northern Ireland in 2008. And now I'm, I ch I will graduate of the fifth of the 9th of June on my pro license. So that's, that's it. I've finished the journey, I'm, my coaching badge is done. And actually Wayne Rooney's, uh, in my group and a few other big hitters to be fair.
So it's, it's been really good and very insightful. But going back to it, um, you know, I think that's my best grounding. And then going, uh, I felt, uh, every job I've actually been asked to do accidentally. Um, uh, really, uh, so I, I'd finished playing at, uh, Keatum because my business become, uh, uh, too big at the time.
And I asked Mark Cooper, I said, look, mate, would you, would you be happy if I retired here and I'm done? He went, look, you gotta do what you wanna do. Shame, I, I want you to play. But in the end, um, so I continued my business and I really love coaching at all levels. I, I just, I am a coach first and foremost.
And then, uh, then, uh, eight, eight weeks later, I'm asked to go and play three games for Broccoli, just to help them. They've got a big injury crisis, and I did not, I'm not being rude, I didn't know who Broccoli were. I didn't know who they were, where they were in the county. And, uh, I go over and, uh, the juices start flying.
I hadn't trained or done anything for eight weeks. Go and play three games. By the end of those three games, the manager goes, Hey, look, you are, you're like a manager on the pitch. I played cent midfield or used to play in right wing. Uh, he went, you're telling the boys to go everywhere. Um, look, I need to concentrate on my business.
Would you like to do it? And then the, the Oliver Francis, or Ali, good friend of mine, the chairman, uh, interviewed me. And then lo and behold, I'm running my business. Now I'm managing a football club, and I'm like, wow, what am I doing? And, uh, yeah, I, I'm into it and six and a half years later, wow. We, we, we got promotion.
We nearly went into the conference with 10 minutes away from nearly beaten Halifax and all these things. Magical fa cup runs. And then, then my final year, they, they hugely cut the budget. They run into a few issues and uh, I did it for them, uh, and nearly get, uh, relegated the final day of the season, pushed right to the edge.
We stay up, started the next year and just felt, do you know what the game needs to nip for me even more. So I went away and did a lot more courses for six more months. I spent. So much time at St. George's Park Park. And so much money, my own, on my own development wanted to, games to knit for me. In that meantime, um, I started to do the Non-League England team with Paul Fairclough.
He, he phoned me straight away, what, what, what you doing? Out of football. Phoned me up, started to do a bit with him. And then, uh, then at the end of that summer, Trevor Gilds tracked me down. Uh, good mate of mine. Because while I was, one thing that you guys probably don't know, uh, when I played at Cambridge United, I did the under fourteens at Northampton.
So you're talking probably 2007, maybe, something like that, you know, uh, years and years ago. So I do, I do them years ago from affinities right back then. And then, um, Trev asked me to do the sixteens. Now that's, that's, uh, you're talking Morgan Roberts, Jay Williams, Cameron McWilliams, uh, Bradley Lashley, that group.
And they, they hadn't won for ages. They were Ms. Fry. It's not about winning. But, uh, he said they're a bit of a spiky group where they're, they don't want to listen, they don't wanna do this, they don't wanna do that, but they've got potential and they've got ability. And I went, really? I've done senior men.
I'm not so sure Trev a 16 year old. Will I get that connection? Will I get that rapport? He went, come on. And Trev can talk me around, you know, I love him a bits, he can talk me round. And, uh, he's sweet taught me. And, uh, I come and did two weeks and then, you know what? I love developing people. And, you know, those kids started to grow on me and next minute we, uh, We took that group and it isn't about winning, but we, we, we won 28 in a row, I think, uh, with them.
And we just went like that. Justin Edinburgh saw me around Christmas time. He went, what are you, what are you doing in, uh, what are you doing in cobbler's kit? And I went, mate, I coach the sixteens. He went, oh wow. He said, no, you won't be. He said, uh, cuz we've known each other from old and he is a great guy.
And he went, I want you doing the youth team. And I went, mate, I can't run the business. I can do this part-time. Gives me a fit, my fix, I'm happy with it. And he went, I will call you in the first week of May. And I went, yeah, all right. Whatever like that. And this is around Christmas time. Lo and behold, that's typical Justin, true to his word.
Phones me first week of May. Right? You ready? Like that? And I went, mate like that, spoke to Trev and then the club sorted out. Yeah. And then I started with the youth team and then four and a half years we had some, and then I took that group up with me and that group went bang, and we went bang. And it was uh, you know, again, It's about developing those players.
Not winning leagues, but we won leagues and we took Arsal on the FA cup and there were some really, really great moments. And uh, I had a special group that, that were good, really good. And, uh, o obviously. And that's how I built the rapport with Keith. Cuz you know, Keith took seven of them on at the time, didn't he?
You know? Yeah. Especially played Jay. He played Jay at Centerback and then played him in midfield and gave him opportunity. Played Scotty Pollock. And you know, Scott was in my group and Scott came outta nowhere in the second year of that group, you know, and, and they were all, you know, starting to play in the first team and Morgan was on the fringes and, you know, it was good.
It was really good. And, and, you know, that was, that was a, you know, that's, that's a real long journey. And I, I, you know, I think a lot of young coaches, the biggest advice I can get is don't rush it. Don't rush it. You see, that journey for me has been so long. I, and I, like, I, I've told everyone this is, and then I was asked to do, I was asked to do the first thing because obviously results weren't right.
And, um, and, and that thing guys, I was, look, I'll do a couple of games, but gimme that job Buck. Uh, after a couple of games, I'll do it. You find someone, I'll do it. And then, uh, I think it was zip switch away. We sort of played quite well, guys. And, uh, then it was like, could you do a couple more games with looking at things?
And, and then, you know, lo and behold, I, I keep going and keep stumbling through, I suppose. And then, um, At, at the end of the season, they, uh, they say, look, you know, we see a lot of change within the style of play within, um, a lot of the stats and everything. And, um, we believe in you and we, we feel that you, you are the man for the job.
I was, I was surprised. I was humbled by it, but, um, never expected to, to, to take the role guys. Never. Never. 
[00:39:13] Danny Brothers: Yeah. Uh, there was a moment in that, um, the last few months of the league one season, the, the turnaround for start on the pitch was so noticeable straight away. We were wa we were all watching on eye fighter like said earlier.
Um, but players like Ryan Watson suddenly come to life. You, they're getting freedom. We are attacking, we're, there's so much passion in the, in the crowd, in the, not in the players. Sorry. Um, There was a moment after one of the games, which I think we'd lost. And I think Tim had asked you a question about sort of results and things like that and you kind of gave a massive sign, said, ah, Tim, I'm trying, I'm trying.
That was the one moment when I thought, this guy's for real and I want him at the top of my football club because it was just a such a real interview and such a, something that you just don't get from managers at, at any level, um, in the football league. And I just thought, there's such a realism about you and such a genuineness about you that I was like, you know, stay up, go down, whatever.
I just want this guy in charge for our football club. Cause he gets it and he gets the pa the fans and he gets the disappointment from the losses and everything like that. Um, did that start to translate into your, your sort of team talks and things like that? We've got a question from Rich who, who's was asking about significant team talks and whether that kind of connection with the fans helps, that kind of thing.
And did any stand out this season is significant when you were in the dressing room, um, in terms of what you said and how it connected to the players. 
[00:40:32] Jon Brady: I wouldn't say I, I do churchillian type speeches, et cetera. Um, to give you a bit more of an insight, you know, like, like I said in the past, and it's probably been more widely reported now, that we're saying a few things about how we do things and we, we have a flat hierarchy in, in what we do.
And so, you know, Cole's taken over. Uh, so I'll deliver Thursday, Friday on the grass and et cetera, how we're gonna play tactically in possession, outta possession through the thirds. And then, and then, but then, you know, me and Cole work on the clips and what we need on the analysis. And then, um, Cole will deliver that because then there needs to be a, a different voice as well.
And, um, at the end of his analysis, He gives these, uh, Scottish Braveheart speeches. I'm waiting for him to pull his kilt up and give it that to the boys or something. I dunno. He's, uh, and, uh, he's good at that. And I then mainly, um, will give a few reminders, uh, uh, tactically so it's more constructive. Mine, uh, you know, just a few key reminders.
Uh, once or twice, uh, I'll, you know, break into a speech or, or something. But, you know, I think about all the managers I had, and I can't remember one's speech, but I can remember how that person made me feel. And it's important to me how I make them feel, or how we as a group make them feel. And, uh, you know, the, the biggest thing was, uh, to take the pressure right off towards the end.
Um, And I didn't want him, uh, to feel pressure cuz a lot of it was stepping up to the plate for us. And I went, however it goes, boys, I know you'll give us everything. And I was taking the pressure right off them, you know, but it, it was, it was key to us. It was just, it was the game. It was, uh, Carlisle away where this went to.
John, look, I can't believe how many fans are here today. I went, mate, go over there, but I want you to stand there for about 10 seconds and applaud 'em. And then just to feel the energy coming off them and, and soak that energy. And I told the players before the game, just, you know, Soak that energy in, soak it in, feel what they're giving you.
And, uh, I, I felt that was hugely important and I, I could, you guys were just incredible up in that corner and they put you away there to, to keep you quiet. But, you know, I think we drowned out the, the other 10,000 in the stadium. So that was hugely important. Then we continued to do it. It was a huge reminder to do it.
And then, you know, I think the turning point really was something away. It was just, uh, it was unbelievable. And that's where I felt, I said to him afterwards, uh, there was probably my speech after there, I just said the, there's a magic in this changing room right now. And there was, it was, it was just you, you could f you could feel, you could sense just stars felt aligned.
It was just strange guys. It was, and, and I, I've won things before and I just, I didn't get that feeling last year, but I've got the feeling this year. Never took anything for granted. Gotta say. But you know, when you are in that moment, you think, whoa, this, this is special air without taking anything for granted.
You know, 
[00:44:11] Charles Commins: I, I, I've gotta say, I mean I was in that crowd at Carlisle that day and um, I was sat next to Tom Cliff and I asked him, was that prearranged? I said, you know, cause actually, you know, as much as the players will have got energy from us in the stands that, you know, act of them coming all the way over cuz it's, you know, the tunnel was on the complete, the other side of the pitch.
I know normally, you know, the, the lads will come out, they'll do their, their lineup thing now in front of the main stand with the referee and everything, and then they'll go and as they're going to go and get into their positions, they'll, they'll give the clap point. They over to the away fans and everything, but them coming all the way over gave I felt US energy as fans.
And to, it created that, that spark, you know, like, you know, the, the positive and negative happened. Yeah, exactly. So I mean, it's, it's one of those where you look at it and you go maybe into, into next year. I, I think so. Living where I do, um, in Warrington, it's a big rugby league town. Um, whenever I go and you watch it on the tv, um, Warrington, after every match, do a lap of honor.
Now I know it, it is not a lap of honor, it's just a lap around to thank the fans. They go over to the main terrace, which is the length of the pitch opposite where the dog outs are or the technical areas, whatever. They're in rugby league and they make a point of thanking all the fat and the fans stay behind.
You know, this isn't just like fans walk out of the final whistle. There is a big thing where the players are out on that pitch and they go over and they do that, and that's. Part of the connection, you feel the connection with the players and the town. And, uh, it was kind of like that. That's how I, I looked it and went, but it was before the match.
It gave that energy and then of course, you get it at the end. You know, we, we've enjoyed for the last two years, whether it's been Liam Roberts or, or Burge or King, I've come over, or Johnny, uh, have, have come over and given, you know, the, the fist pumps at the end and things like that. I know birds wasn't, uh, too, uh, let's say he was a little bit shy at first, but he is grown into doing it.
Oh, we had, 
[00:46:29] Jon Brady: yeah, we had to push him out. The other week was when Honda Ma, uh, will scored and then Berge passed it over to Will to do it. Yeah. And uh, it was good. It was a nice moment. 
[00:46:40] Charles Commins: It is good. It is good. And you get that connection and it's, but you gotta win games to do. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Don't get me wrong, but I mean, there is still that I really appreciated it and really loved it, you know, coming out of the, before the game and going over to the Away fans and it, it, 
[00:46:57] Jon Brady: it gave us energy.
I felt us doing that, put them on the back foot just for a minute or two as well with their fans. And I, I just thought we won that moment because you guys went loud and it just lifted us and that first five minutes where, you know, they, they could have come at us, but it put them on the back foot a little bit.
So it was good. I think 
[00:47:19] Chessie Coleman: the, um, the minute. We walked into the stadium at Trae as well. I think we all knew, obviously we were all terrified and really, really nervous. But I think deep down the gut instinct, as soon as we walked in that stadium, we were like, we're coming away with this, because it was just relentless from minute one.
So yeah, you just couldn't escape it. So 
[00:47:39] Jon Brady: the, uh, when, when the ref blew his whistle and they kicked off, that was just, the raw was incredible. Absolutely incredible. And then I, I talk to a lot of people, cause a lot of my mates come up. My, uh, my, my brother-in-law, my nephew and niece were in the stand as well.
Uh, and they don't usually come to a game. They, they got in a train and got up there and did it all. And, and my mates were, were in there. And, uh, they said the atmosphere was just really happy before the game. It was really, really good. So, uh, that was interesting. It was really great to hear people's stories and, and stuff.
That was, that was the nice thing as well. Yeah. Yeah. 
[00:48:21] Charles Commins: It was a happy day. I mean, the one thing if we, if we talk about tra really, really quickly, like obviously the game happens and, and the result and everything like that, and we, you know, you've already talked to death about those moments within the game, but at the end of the game where, where for whatever reason it was that we couldn't have that celebration with the team coming back out.
From your point of view, is that a little bit of a, do, do you feel a little bit, a little bit sad that we couldn't have that, that moment? I know we got it back at six fields with a, you know, a smaller group of fans when you arrived back. But like, I mean, one of the stewards turned around to me and said, oh, go back to Northampton and, and have the celebration.
And when I turned around and went, I live up here mate, I'm not going all the way back down there. He, you know, he was just a bit like, alright, but you know, It, you know, it was a bit gutting for me. 
[00:49:12] Jon Brady: So we lined, we lined up in the tunnel, the players all lined up in the tunnel and then we as staff were behind the players.
So it was, it was banking right up and I, I didn't know what was going on cuz I'm way at the back and I'm just, we're, I'm just in a good moment chatting to the players at the back, I think it was Foxy and a few of the boys, and just chatting and, and just enjoying the moment. And then it was literally, the players got started walking past me and then, Put my manager's hat.
I went, scam on. Hit what? What? Why, why are we not going out? So the boys go back in the change room and, uh, could have been the stadium manager. Uh, she, she wasn't too impressed, but the police were saying, look, in the end, I think it's a good thing they go out. But she was just having none of it. And then stood there and chatting to, uh, I, I think, uh, sky would just, you know, want to have a bit more with me.
And I, I just went, look, no, I'm not, I'm not having this. And uh, so I said to the lady, I'll tell you what, you're not gonna rain on my parade. I'm going out there. I'm gonna go and enjoy that because they deserve it. So I went, see bye like that dumped the ropes. And then I go out there and then I'm screaming because I want, I didn't want to take everything.
I wanted all my staff with me. And I'm go, come on boys, come on like that. And I think I watched the video back. Someone sent me the, I'm screaming Cole. Cole come over and then, We start a song, we start going, um, champions, champion you not singing over us. And we're going, what are we doing here? And then next minute we took the shoes off.
And I think that was a great movement. That was, yeah. What 
[00:50:50] Chessie Coleman: a photo would, would you say on reflection that that was your favorite game? Cause I know a couple of people have asked, Ash Cobb was one that's asked, he said, what was your favorite game or, and moment was that it? That whole end, that day, 
[00:51:03] Jon Brady: favorite game is Bradford Away because tactically we were brilliant.
And the boys were just unbelievable. We had a mid-block, we jumped them at the right time. Um, we're brave, brave. Our, our wingers jumped their centerback and that was real. It just, no one does that. And the way we did it, and I don't wanna give too much away, but, and then the way we broke and scored, it was just everything we did that day.
It was just like, wow. And it could have been, it could have been five or six. So from a coaching point of view, that it gave me goosebumps that day because it was like, wow, this group's so receptive. And, uh, that was, that was really good. Love that day. Love that day in front of 17,000 there to do that against them.
Brilliant. Loved it. Yeah, that was probably my favorite day.
[00:51:59] Charles Commins: If we, we've got some here. Some of them are tongue in cheek mate. So, uh, just to, just to warn you on this, but if we go with, uh, Robert Sums, uh, one of our great patrons who wants to know, if you could send a three word text to one Keith Hill, what three words would you send?
[00:52:21] Jon Brady: You're the motivation. Nice. 
[00:52:24] Charles Commins: Nice. I like that one. That's very good. Um, Tom Chis, I like this one. This is, this is a dead easy one. Uh, you were apparently Tom's wife's first love when you played for, uh, Russian and Diamonds. Can you give Kelly a shout out, please? 
[00:52:41] Jon Brady: Hi Kelly. Thank you for me being your first lover.
Don't know why. I hope you're wearing glasses now. Please. 
[00:52:48] Charles Commins: Uh, and, and kind of on that same theme, Neil Jarret. And, uh, uh, yeah, uh, I, I, I completely sympathize with this question. I've asked Martin Smith live on radio in Northampton, this exact same question. Uh, Neil says, can you ask John if he'd marry me?
I'll have to divorce my wife first, but if he's willing to wait. 
[00:53:10] Jon Brady: Oh, wow. That's, yeah. I dunno. 
[00:53:12] Charles Commins: Wanna say about that. I didn't think you would to be fair, mate. It's one of those, isn't it? We, we ask the questions and these are the type, type of things that we get. No, it's good. Um, on back to the football though, Matthew Crane wants to know whether you feel that this group of players is better suited to League one football because of their skill slash technique and playing style than League 
[00:53:31] Jon Brady: two League, league ones.
Um, it is a step above. Um, you know, it's, uh, I think when we get a full group together, um, we'll get that feeling. Um, It's hard to say, really. I, I, I feel that they're young enough to keep improving and continually improve. Um, and you've seen a lot of growth. Say, say, you know, Louis Pi, you said of growth in him from six months.
We had him last year to where he is now. And I think, you know, you, it's, you, you probably put him in the mold of Mark When Mark was, Mark Richards was 23. He wasn't, mark wasn't pro prolific then. And, uh, you see, Louie is, and we do a lot of work on it, starting to use his body better. Um, you know, you think about the output that boy's done, uh, when we had the injury crisis, and you, I kept thinking, well, I can't lose him right now.
We, you know, he was in such good form and you put so much effort in, didn't he? So look, I think the. The players are improving, like Sam sharing growth in him. Look, I could go through Harvey Lin top, incredible growth in him from start to finish. Look, it'll be, you know, next year will be be extremely tough.
Um, extremely tough. But, uh, if we can, if we can recruit well on top of that, then um, I think we've got a good chance to, to be really competitive next year 
[00:55:12] Chessie Coleman: on recruitment. John, I know Gareth's asked us a question about how are you guys gonna manage that, because obviously we've had this amazing and almost quite unique bond between the players and how well they've, they've looked out for each other and they've ha created this brilliant squad.
How are you gonna manage that? Because obviously there's not a divide as such, but there's gonna be new players coming in who are not. Within that group, how do we manage that? I think it, from my point of view, as a, as a a fan, I think it would probably be self-sufficient really due to the, the type of player you got.
But if it's not, how do you tackle it? 
[00:55:48] Jon Brady: Uh, so you are, you're talking from the point of view that if you don't feel it's potentially gelling early, uh, how, how would you do it or what would you do? Um, lot of things to do that. Uh, we, we, uh, we generally get the new ones to, to deliver a speech to the players for five minutes.
And we did, uh, we did a thing, um, hero heartbreak, highlight three Hs. Okay. So the players had to come with, uh, the picks. And this was, uh, this is probably. Maybe a, a third or a little bit, or maybe just before Christmas. And then the staff were asked to deliver it to the players as well. And you had to stand out there and deliver about hero in your life, highlight in your life and heartache.
Some, some incredible stories. And then you got to find out about the players and, and the person, the human being a lot more. And it was really important that we did that. And then we have a. We have our own app that has scheduling. So we have a special app, so their day's broken down in what they do, but also the videos of their delivery were on there, so you could go back and watch it as well.
So it's really important. Uh, and a lot of that type of stuff we feel, you know, it's, it's more like, this may sound corny to you, but we, I have, um, I brought in Steve Salas as well. He's a mindset coach, uh, and he calls it brotherhood that we do. So, uh, and, uh, all about the brotherhood. So it may sound a bit corny on the outside, but that.
I, I, I asked them, I delivered one myself. I delivered it two days earlier and I think the boys wasn't doing it. And I, I was, I was quite vulnerable cuz I told some truths about my career and some really, yeah. Bit d deep and dark stuff that, you know, I had a coach that I was 19 at Swanzi that punched me as hard as he could when I at halftime, you know, and, and they're things that made me think I would never, ever want anyone to feel like that.
And it sort of drove me to be the coach I am, you know, so some real, real dark stuff that, um, I wanted them to see my vulnerable side cuz I felt that was powerful as well. And then they delivered it, and then it was usually powerful. And then, you know, guys are getting just way more respect than they probably, uh, had before.
It was incredible. Incredibly powerful. 
[00:58:30] Charles Commins: I don't think it's corny at all. You, you come and get think it's great. Yeah. I mean, it's brilliant. That's how this is gonna sound. If there are any footballers actually listening, um, then this'll probably sound really patronizing or really, you know, mean. But I always get the feeling, or whenever I've spoken to some of the lads, and I said this to AJ last week when we chatted, I said that it often feels like as a footballer it must be great in a way because you almost, you're a bit like Peter Pan.
You don't really grow up, you're still around the boys from that. You are, when you're teenagers, you are in that sort of environment. There's lots of banter. There's, you know, some of the stories that we were told by the likes of Nicky Adams and Ricky, uh, Richard Cresswell and Ricky Holmes, and all of it that happened in that 26, 15, 16 season.
You think to yourself, Christ, if I did that, you know, even at, at the age of like late twenties, I think I, I think people would still look at me a bit bit weird. That's a, that's a, that's very, you know, you need to grow up kind of thing. But football is very, you know, insular. Everybody's kept in that little bubble almost in a way.
So like actually having that brotherhood as it as it's called and, and you know, having the mindset and bringing people in. I guess the coaching that you did with your business, going in and teaching kids at five and six, I mean, That really you, you talked before about, you know, the, the, you know, behavior management.
I mean, you've got to do that with some of these boys. I know they're 20 years older than, than those five, six year olds that you were coaching before. But you've probably gotta take a lot of the same techniques that you were to handle these guys while at the same time, obviously treating them like the grownups that they are and bringing 'em all 
[01:00:22] Jon Brady: together.
Yeah, exactly. But a lot of them come with armor, alright. They've got a load of armor with them and they don't wanna, they don't want you to see that vulnerable side because in the, in our business it's called weakness. But we think that's a strength and I, I feel that's a huge strength. So we, we try and bring down the armor and then between us and, and I think, I think you've seen a group that, uh, That will, will be really, um, open and welcoming to not, not to say other groups haven't been, but, um, from my experience, I've being a player and, and sometimes you, you can get carried away with yourself and think you're better than what you are.
And we're normalize it. These are normal human beings that go through the same emotions that you guys through. They're, they're not that special. They've got a, a talent, but we, we normalize it and, um, we take down the armor. And that's why I hope, uh, and I'm proud of the group and what they do in the community and, and, and how they really try and speak to you guys and connect and, and be genuine and authenticity from us.
And I've talked to them about authenticity is huge. Huge. So I've, I have to. If I'm the leader, I have to be my authentic self and no bs none at all. I am what I am. And I'll tell you straight. 
[01:01:58] Charles Commins: And you've, you've proved that, haven't you? Time and again this season, you know, there have been times when you've said things in, you know, the, the media where, where you basically told the naysayers to stay away.
You didn't want the negativity, which I agreed with one of my favorite moments. 
[01:02:15] Chessie Coleman: Yeah. I'm not gonna 
[01:02:16] Charles Commins: lie. One of my favorite moments. There was also, The, the moment, I can't remember what game it was, but you told the crowds not to go quiet late in Orian, late in, of course it was Delia Smith. I mean, I, I You're cringing me, me saying that you're cringing.
I know. I, you know, I love, you heard it, you talk about it on the Cobbles Show, on Radio Northampton, where, you know, people were taking the mick out, you calling you Delia, et cetera. But my family, my a on the board. Yeah. To be fair, yeah. Ados, uh, but I, I, that shows your authenticity. That shows your, you know, I know that there were some people that kind of were a bit like, oh, who's this person to tell us not what to say or be like, but that's 
[01:02:59] Jon Brady: you.
I thought it, I thought it, but I thought, I thought it. I didn't thought 
[01:03:08] Chessie Coleman: out.
[01:03:15] Jon Brady: I've actually just said that
[01:03:20] Chessie Coleman: were, loves a desired 
[01:03:21] Charles Commins: effect. I mean, look, that was a great day. I think it just shows the human side of it and, and the fact that, you know, yeah, yeah. And it, you know, unintentional as it was, it was another thing that just sort of pulled us tighter, you know, that little bit closer and you, you looked at it and you just went, this means as much to you as it does to, to us.
And, and I think that's the, you know, the thing, and I'm not saying that, you know, other managers or other players don't feel the connect, the power and the passion about winning games and things like of course they do, but there's something a little bit different and it, SAMO is probably the only other manager really that has done that.
Because of the fact that you're, you see that connection, you know, SAMO just like you, he is not from the town, but he's made the town his home and you know, he then goes and manages us for those few years. We have one exceptionally magical night, uh, Enfield. And, you know, that will never ever be forgotten by any of us.
Um, and I think that's the same as this season because it, it, it has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. There have been moments where we've been going and, and questioning maybe, maybe we aren't good enough. And you, you, sometimes there are bits that are coming out of the football club. Cause obviously the club are going to be positive.
You know, they're a business as much as anything else. So therefore they're not gonna turn around and go, yeah, we're not very good. Don't bother coming this week or anything like that. But there were, you know, It's right in what they're saying, that they're, they're using facts, but sometimes you're just like that going on.
But come on, the 83 points, was it 83 points last season and then we matched 
[01:05:15] Jon Brady: it 80. 80, we got to eight 80 final day, 
[01:05:18] Charles Commins: didn't we? But you know, the calendar year, the number of points that was released and things like that, it's all true. It's all factual, but at time you're just going off. Right? Okay. Yeah. Okay.
But it's that rollercoaster ride. You have those little bits of dips, but it's those dips that actually make what happens at the end of it all the better and all the more special. And you're right. Looking back at games like Bradford, where we, we blew them away. The, the Stevenage away game was a fantastic game.
I mean, okay, they scored twice. But I mean, that was part of it. And you know, Hilts getting sent off for breathing on someone and all of these different moments that actually you sort of think, well, we're not gonna forget that. And they're not all. You know, the really big positive things. You know, of course you've got SAS's goal, Honda Mark's goal, Sammy's 22 goals, you know, and, and all those.
But you've then also got AJ's ridiculous red card to remember. There's, you know, in the same game, I think it was where, where Sean and um, was it oeo went off the two of them not long after each other, you know, that that sticks in the mind. But when you think about the adversity as it's been called by yourself and others over the last week or so, to get through all of that to then be successful at the end of it, it makes that all worthwhile with a cherry on top almost, because it is a fantastic achievement and it is one of the best seasons that we've had.
You know? Yes. Points wise, it's not the best season, but I think in terms of feeling. It's definitely up there as top three. It's got to be, 
[01:07:06] Danny Brothers: oh, it's, it's one, it's, it's very, very close to the top for me, Charles and me. I think we've said it from the start. It doesn't like, it almost doesn't matter. It's the points.
Because like even if we finish fourth this season, there'd be like, that's a special season because of what we've gone through. And we remember it. We remember a lot of, a couple of the 
[01:07:23] Jon Brady: barrow, you know, that's 
[01:07:25] Danny Brothers: that day. The hot. Yeah. But yeah. Oh, we got through, we got through an hour, John. We got an hour.
Always constantly 
[01:07:33] Jon Brady: reminded about that. But we can finally put that to bed. Yeah. Yeah. We can put that to bed. But what it's done, it's made us stronger. It's brought us together. So we, we've got hugely grateful for that. And I think we're all, like, I talk about being scarred by it. I think we're all scarred by that, you know?
And, uh, we never take a result for granted anymore. Do it. Absolutely. No, no, never. 
[01:07:56] Charles Commins: It's that, that, that moment with you on the pitch at the end where there was the, the, the premature pitch invasion at Tranmere. And, and you know, you said, go away, AJ said, there's 45 seconds left. All of you get off, it can all go wrong in 45 seconds.
[01:08:13] Jon Brady: Do you know why I did it? Because, uh, I looked at a certain team that, uh, did that last season and I want us to finish this Right and be professional. Yeah. And I didn't want, uh, anyone to say anything bad about us. And that was, there's something took over again because I, I felt I could do that to ours and they'd understand.
And it was just like, come on guys, get back. Come on, let's get this done. Do it Right. Let's not ruin it. You know, and that, that. It's just something took out me again, you know, I've 
[01:08:41] Chessie Coleman: got something you're like a head teacher that everyone listens to. He's like, no matter what situation is the head teacher's coming, right?
We've got bit listen. And that's what it felt like. It's like, no, you're leaving. Run 
[01:08:51] Charles Commins: around, run around the 
[01:08:55] Danny Brothers: Oh, oh. I think, um, yeah, we're, we're up a minute, a minute, John. But again, um, we did an event last year. I dunno if you're around at the time, at six Fields with the, the class of 97 with the playoff winners from 97, every time a new one of those players came into the room, it was just absolutely all over the place.
Bantu and everything like that. Obviously that's a different time. There was stuff that went on that night and tales that were told of a very different era, but, In 25 years time when we're, if we are still going, God help the listeners if we are still going. But if, if something like this is still going and we are looking back 25 years ago, it's, it feels to me like this is exactly the same thing as that.
And like the players that come in, that brotherhood you talked about, not corny at all by the way. It will happen again. And it's, it's that kind of, the bond that happened this season is something really special. It happens once in the blue moon for football clubs. So again, thank you so much for doing that, for creating that with all your staff.
Um, Valerie wanted to end this by just checking that you are Okay. Checking that you, what you do every week, every day during the summer, what are you gonna do in the summer? Just to switch off, because I think we speak on all behalf of all Gobbles fans, when we say you deserve a little bit of rest, what are you gonna do to switch off and, and to chill out a little bit if you 
[01:10:08] Jon Brady: can.
Rest was, uh, I did a 10 K run this morning. Oh, I love my running. I, you know, you know what I did before the, the tra game? You know how bad that rain was. I ran through this forest and I sound like forest come. I, I ran, I, I did about, I usually do 5K in the morning before a game because guys, if, if I don't do my run.
Then you see the energy I've got in the touch line. I've got triple that energy, so I have to go out hard night. I had a run and run back and, and, and, and that took the edge off for me before the treadmill came. But I had a 10 k run this morning and then took the dog for about a 4K four mile walk. And it just, the sunshine for the first time properly.
Today I talk here, it's hard work for me with the sun because I, I just need some sun to come alive and, you know, look, as soon as the sun's out, tell Valerie as soon as the sun's out and, and I can, I feel and breathing and I'm out in, within the trees in the open air. I feel, I feel great. So yes, I'm decompressing, definitely.
Thank you. Nice. 
[01:11:14] Danny Brothers: We, we won't ask where you go running though. Us Neil Jarrett might come and try and propose you again. But, um, John, thank you so much again for coming on and know you've stayed a lot longer than we. Originally planned for. So thank you so much for giving up your time to, to come on, speak with us.
Please go and run as much as you can over the summer and rest you deserve all the rest you can. Um, but yeah, genuinely thank you 
[01:11:35] Jon Brady: again now. Thank you. And thank you for all you do, cuz we really appreciate it too.
There's the cop, there's the pictures you'll see on tomorrow's back pages. The coppers are going through division one. Bring them on because we deserve it.


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