Aaron McGowan

Aaron McGowan gives two thumbs up on the cover of his Cobblers Chats episode

Aaron McGowan arrived at Sixfields in the summer of 2021 and was an instant success at right back.

A year later he was named vice-captain and played a major role in Northampton Town’s promotion to League One.

In a very special end of season pod, Northampton Town vice captain, Aaron McGowan joins Charles for a chat just before heading out to Ibiza.

AJ talks really well about the last 12 months of the season and explains why he believes this has been one of the best promotion campaigns ever.

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[00:00:00] Charles Commins: 
Hello. Welcome to, It's All Cobblers To Me. I'm Charles Commins. I hope you've been enjoying the playoffs, watching them without a Care. Isn't it great? It's fantastic. Got a fantastic episode here for you today as well. I'm talking to the one and only Aaron McGowan. Basically at the end of Season Awards. I went up to him.
I had a chat with him and then he actually said, I'll come on the pod whenever you want to, and he promised that if we'd have got the promotion done and dusted, then he would come on within a matter of days and he was a man of his word. He contacted me. Basically two days after the TME game just to say, right, when are we gonna get it done?
So we sat down just before the weekend. Had a lovely, lovely chat. We're talking about loads of things to do with this season and last season, players that he's played with before, A bit of banter between the team, his thoughts on the season itself. It's really, really good. I hope you really enjoy it. And before we get into that, I just want to say a huge thank you to all of you who have listened and supported the podcast this season.
I'm not saying that this is the end of the content. We've still got the beos to come, obviously, and there's a couple of other episodes already lined up, but we are at the end of the season. And it's always nice to say thank you, isn't it? So thank you very much. If you've supported us in any way at all, whether that's just by listening to the podcast or if you're a patron, if you want to be a patron, loads of content coming out over the summer, by the way, paton.com/cobbles to me, go get on that.
Um, it's gonna be really fun in the slack over the summer, and we've got all this extra content as well. Um, please come and join us. It's honestly, it's really, really fun in there and it just helps support me and the rest of the gang in making the podcast each and every week. But anyway, that's enough of me chatting and rambling.
Let's get straight into the podcast. Here is my chat with Northampton Town's vice captain and promotion winner. Aaron McGowan. Welcome to the podcast, Aaron McGowan. How you doing, mate? You all 
[00:02:12] Aaron McGowan: right? Yeah. Yeah. I feel God may, that's probably people listening to this can tell me voices and in the best of moods at the minute.
Um, No, it's been good mate. It's been a good few days. It's been a laugh, uh, been really enjoyable, something, you know, really proud to be a part of. And it's been great, mate, honestly, 
[00:02:32] Charles Commins: how, how much of the fact that you are vice captain because everyone would think that, that that should mean that you've gotta be a bit responsible.
But I I, I get the feeling that, that you are the lad of the group. 
[00:02:43] Aaron McGowan: Um, I'd say Mitch Pin's the lad of the group. I think that's pretty plain to see. Um, you know, when we go away I think I'll have to baby Mitch Pin can't Lies. These ones a little helpful. Um, there's a few that you've gotta look helpful for.
I probably won't put myself in one of them. Um, I'll probably have to look after Guffs as well, even though Guffs is meant to be the dad of the group I've gotta look at. I'll have to look after. He can be a bit wild as well. So, um, no mate. Let's just see what it brings. 
[00:03:13] Charles Commins: It's gonna be, look at the end of the day, you deserve the holiday that you're about to go on as a group and, and just go and get, you know, have a good time.
I was, I was gonna say go and get ratted, but don't do anything different. No, no. 
[00:03:27] Aaron McGowan: I think there'll be a few, I think there'll be a few knocking about, like, for there. No, it'll just be a, it's a good time to get away, you know, we've got a good number going, you know, let's do the majority of the squads going, so it'll be a, it'll be great, mate.
Great. Um, you know, especially with, there's not many good bars this year, you know, it's, it's not, it's a bit like, not like last year we had a few ads that we, we were really close to. We had to say goodbye to and this year is probably not that the case, you know, it's back, you know, we'll see each other again in four weeks, the majority.
So that'd be great as well. Yeah, 
[00:04:00] Charles Commins: it's interesting that, isn't it, because I, from my perspective as a Northampton fan, obviously you've been a, a couple of years now, but the perspective for that I have is that this time around we are doing it with a bit more of a future plan in place. Uh, you know, lads have been signing extensions throughout the last, what, four or five months really haven't they?
Mm-hmm. Um, does that make an impact on, on you guys as players? You know, you feel settled yourself cuz you've got a contract for however long he is, uh, left on that you can see the other lads have all got, got the same or similar lengths as well. Does that, does that just put a whole weight off your mind, enable you to go and just play 
[00:04:41] Aaron McGowan: football?
Yeah, it does. Look as, as I said before, it is like, you know, the times you're living in Charles obviously like, you know, I, I'd say we're in a pretty blessed position with, you know, whate whatever, what we in or like, what, what we do as a profession for the start. But at the end of the day, we've still got mortgages and families to feed and that's security.
You know, it is, it is a cutthroat business. You know, at the end of the season, unfortunately, there'll be probably a few ads that, you know, July 1st one might not have a job. Uh, and that's the brutal reality of football. So knowing that you've got that security there for the next year, think I signed, obviously it's nearly three years, you know, just look around change room.
You decide whether you wanna go ahead with it or not, or you wanna pursue other interest. Um, you look around and then, you know, uh, obviously like S of Sand three mix of Sands. Then you just know that Jack Salbi, sands, et cetera. Then you just know that like, okay, this is the, you know, we've got a good foundational feeling.
The squad, um, Moving forward and you know, especially with the managing and the coaching staff, you know, uh, gaffer, Carl Rico, Alex STEM show to people, you know, they're gonna be around as well cause they all signed, uh, contracts as well. So, um, as I say, for me at that time it was a really a no-brainer. Um, there's obviously a few other things going on in January, but I said going back to made it clear that I wanted to be a part of this.
And, um, I think I said they're on the publish show, maybe that like, you know, there's obviously other things going on and I felt like why can't I be a part of something special ed? And I'm glad they made that decision cause I've done exactly what, you know, it's obviously not job job done yet where I think the club can be.
But, you know, this is a, this is a, a big stepping stoner, you know, the plan I envisioned in my head and I'm, I'm glad, you know, made the decision in the end. Yeah. Don't 
[00:06:31] Charles Commins: get me wrong, cuz o obviously there's other ways that. Players can move on. They're other than just their contract running out. But yeah, the fact that we've got that foundation as you called it, of uh, uh, you know, a really big group, really, to be fair, we are not having to go and do, you know, 15 out, bring 15 in or anything like, 
[00:06:49] Aaron McGowan: like that time.
Yeah. We end the day. Charles have to do a big overhaul every summer. Anything like that, you know, you've been a fan for many years, I think. I don't think I, I can't, I'm, I'm not sure in what I'm saying here, but, you know, I couldn't really tell you if there's been as good as planning. And, and readiness to go into a league above them that has been this season.
Um, I don't know if that, that's just maybe my opinion, but I don't know if you feel the same way. 
[00:07:13] Charles Commins: Yeah, I think so. I think a lot of the time, well, we go back to through our, you know, more recent promotions other than this one. Yeah. Um, you know, Danny on the pod actually said at the end of the playoff final, um, in 2020, that the biggest thing was gonna be keeping the manager Keith Kell.
Now, I mean, okay, hindsight's a wonderful thing and all that, but mm-hmm. You know, you, you go and say that because of what happened. The 2016. Yeah. I mean, I can't begrudge Chris going and going back to his boying club and going and managing in the Premier League, obviously. But, um, when you lose that kind of personality and, and that leader, that's really hard.
And then you inevitably lose players because you know that you, you must have an affinity with the coaching staff you've already said about how, you know, you're seeing those signing contracts and et cetera. It makes you wanna stay as well. So when you get to that point and you are looking at, and you're going, okay, well the gaff is gone, my mates are going, Yeah.
Uh, do I, you know, and you get an offer to go and further your career somewhere else, then that, that maybe becomes a bit more attractive. So this time around it does feel like there's a plan and that you are looking at it and you're just going, okay, and look, you know, at the end of the day, someone could come in with an offer for you that you can't refuse.
And, and you go and, you know, 
[00:08:32] Aaron McGowan: going back to the Charles, the last way, the club have put themselves in a position to, you know, the, I think Calvin and, um, you know, the chairman and James have done a great job because worst case, worse, if that was to happen, which hopefully, obviously, I hope we don't lose anybody at all.
They've put themselves in a position where, you know, they've got, it's on them to name their price. They've, they've got, they hold the cards at the end of the day. So that, that's the good thing. And obviously if the worst case happens and somebody wants to go, which I, I really hope doesn't happen. Um, I'm just gonna obviously put Sam Hoskins in a headlock and I beat them and not let, not let him come home.
Uh, see him to first. But as I said, the club, I've put themself in a position to, you know, to sort to name the place in a way, and, you know, to set the club up financially in a different way. Um, and I don't think that's always been the case. Maybe here, not just here though, uh, Charles, that's, that's a lot of low league football club, and I just think the club's being ran in such a good way over since, you know, since the gaffer probably took over.
Um, I think, I think the, the boarder really believed in the gaffers plans and vision, uh, and, and Colins as well. And I think, you know, it's just been a, it's just been a success story really. 
[00:09:44] Charles Commins: Yeah. Let's, let's talk about John Brady then. Um, because it, it is different. It feels different from our perspective.
It sounds different. When you're listening to John talk to the press, it's. Yeah, very, very, very different. Um, the way that that all comes across, uh, he talked about earlier in the week, I think this was on Radio Northampton, about, um, a philosophy of essentially person first when he is dealing with you guys, you, you're people first, so we worry about you as people and how you're feeling physically and mentally.
And then we worry about formations and tactics and stuff like that. How does he compare and his style of management to other ones that you've had before? Is it completely different or is it quite similar to what you've had before? There's 
[00:10:34] Aaron McGowan: been one manager that was similar that was, just know me first manager.
I always, a fellow called Jim Bentley, suddenly lost a job this year with Rochdale. Uh, he gave me me debut. I was 16. So there was always just that like feeling there for, you know, appreciative how he is. But um, You know, I've worked under some great managers and some great personalities as well, but by far John's the best manager I've worked under.
Um, you know, I'm generally not just saying that the human being of, of, of the gaffer is just, uh, on, on a different level. He genuinely like cares for the players. Um, you know, people, I played under managers that do care for the players as well. But there's elements of like, you know, I selfly wanna better my career and I, which John does as well, but does, he wants to do it with the team.
And as a group, he really wants to push up the league with his football club. And I haven't got genuinely one bad way to say about him. Uh, he's honestly, honestly outta this world how good he is. Like just not just as a human being, but tactically, I think goes under the radar of how good he is. I seen it the other day, 163 point in your first two years.
Imagines honestly at this, you know, at this level where what we're competing against is genuinely some going, um, And obviously there was like, I think we'd been in the top seven all but like two weeks, three weeks of the whole tenure as well. So, eh, honestly next level, next level manager. Um, and as I say, when I signed for the club, obviously people sometimes get carried away with like, cause, cause you know, speak well on me experience, but I, Sam just coming, I was 24 years old, you know what I mean?
I'm not like, I'm a 33 year old man. You know, I'm not old like Guffs. Guffs is obviously an old dog in the camp, but you know, I'm, I'm still 26 years old now and, you know, the gaffer put that faith in me to be, you know, vice captain, which something I'm very proud of to be at this football club. And, you know, just trying to help the best way I can in the coaching staffing golfs with, with a million things that go on behind the scenes.
Um, you know, it's a very important role that me and GOs have at the football club and, you know, after one season join at the age of 24 to get to, you know, to get recognized like that by the managers. So I, I'll be forever thankful soon 
[00:12:46] Charles Commins: for. Must be on a, on a personal level, this season must have been a bit bittersweet almost because of, you know, you started the season coming back from the operation that you'd had over the last end of last season.
So you didn't start for a, a, a while and then obviously you, you have a nice run of about 18 games. Stupid referees get in the way of after that. But, you know, then you get injured again. I mean, it, it is not been the full season that you'd have probably have wanted, uh, and, and expected. No, it's 
[00:13:17] Aaron McGowan: crazy. It's crazy how things were, you know, play 45 games last season.
Um, that maybe would've been the perfect way if we got promoted last season. We all know what happened there. We won't speak about that. But it's mad because the feeling I feel now, um, not particularly not happy with me season because some of it was generally rarely outta my control. Um, You know, if, I think I've played more games, right?
I, since after season, all honesty than the actual position. Um, and I've loved that. I've, I've genuinely loved that. Um, it's just been a season where you, you know, you had to do different roles in a way, think last season was more establishing, establishing yourself at the football club and, you know, sorta to, you know, just concentrating on my own performances.
This year I've had to deal with a, a lot of personal stuff and a lot of other people's personal stuff behind the scenes that, you know, uh, when you're vice captain and people maybe look to you for advice or, you know, talk to you and, and things like that, that, that go a long way beyond the scenes that I've, I've had to kind of take up a different role this year in a way.
Um, and so now I've fully enjoyed, and, you know, some things are unfor unfortunate, but. You know, um, pens in the sand, ankle heels as well as the tailing. Hopefully. I think the big thing for me last season was missing a preseason. Um, it really does go under the radar. How, you know, missing a preseason it is, is not, it's not, honestly, as a football it's not great at all.
Cuz you, you know, I think came Bradford's games and obviously you, you can't playing on adrenaline for them first six or seven games, I'd say. And then I felt, I felt at Christmas, I just felt like I hit a brick wall. Um, you know, just me energy levels just kinda went on me, but the gaffer couldn't really rest me.
Yeah. At a memory. He, he arrested me against light orient and 20 minutes in Sean and come off and you're like, you got a place next? I end up playing 90 minutes that game. Yeah. 10 minutes then that's, that's the sort, the season's been for the whole squad, not just myself personally. Um, But as I say, it's been, I'm sitting in now fully loving where I fully en enjoyed the season in a mad way.
Obviously we won't talk, was a few drifting decisions, um, that hampers hampered it as well. But as I say, all, all well, uh, seems the most important thing and we've got our add end goal in the ends and hopefully we can all put ourselves in a good place to attack league one. Yeah, 
[00:15:52] Charles Commins: absolutely. I mean, everyone's done exactly the same thing, isn't it?
And that, you know, you coming, having that rest for five minutes, essentially. Yeah. Um, everybody's kind of done that. And John Brady has talked about it in pretty much every post match in Prematch interview that he's done this season since November time, where he, he said that, you know, lads are playing through pain and, and, you know, tiredness and all of this stuff, and, and, and you are right.
Like you go and. You come back from an injury and you get through the first few games on adrenaline, as you say, and then it all catches up with you. But the way that every, every one of them has managed to just keep going, whether that be through a mentality thing or just the, the, you know, the incentive at the end of the season, whatever it is that keeps you going.
I mean, I know, you know, from my point of view as a fan, I don't claim to speak for anybody else, but, you know, thank you for doing that because at the end of the day, we are now here celebrating it and, and it's, it's been a fantastic achievement. Look, you brought, you did mention it, right? So we'll go back a year ago.
We all know what happened. Yeah. We don't wanna talk about what happened, but I'm healed now. The stars healed. Now Healed now. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. I'm healed now. But how much of that. And what happened there had an effect on this season. I mean, obviously for the lads like you that were there at Barrow on the pitch at the end of the season, but you're then getting the new faces in.
How much did, did you guys actually impress what had happened to you on those new lads and sort of say, look, this is why this, we've gotta go and do it this year? 
[00:17:35] Aaron McGowan: Yeah, like that, that, that day honestly will, will probably live with me forever because it's one of the, on, on the day. I didn't, obviously I didn't feel grateful.
It was the next day I, I came home and I was, I was in a real bad way. Like, I'm not afraid to say I was emotionally like gone. Cause I couldn't believe how much we, we got done really. Um, couldn't believe how, don't wanna get in trouble, obviously, but I couldn't believe how it was allowed. Um, and people have this, that, you know, Obviously there's a, a certain fan base that think that there's a rivalry there and that it wasn't their fault they'd done their job that they needed to do.
I felt like it was, I said that on the ERs show that I, you know, I was there a halftime, you know, just being in around the lads that game and I listened to Phil Brown screaming into their plays. Um, and that's what it should be like in all honesty. Cuz they, they were at home and, you know, Sam there just slamming heart appeal this past, you know, on the final day don't done exactly what should, how it should be.
You know, you, you represent any football club you getting paid to represent a football club. For, for me, you should. The bare minimum is, is put your everything into it. And I don't feel like a certain club done that. Um, or a certain fella that, I won't say his name. Um, but as I say, going back to it and on, on the day, it was horrible.
You know, I won't, I won't name names, but going round and I'm, and I'm hugging lots that are generally crying their eyes out. And to be honest, Charles, on, on that day or when we're talking and, you know, decompression on the way home, I just, I did really have the feeling that, I don't, don't like to say, but I did really have a feeling that in the playoffs it wasn't gonna be, yeah, I just think it was too much to overcome emotionally and that's just, I didn't have the best feeling last year going to the playoffs, in all honesty.
Um, that wasn't to say I didn't think they could, you know, give man's feel the game or, but I just think emotionally, I don't think people realize how much of a tall that took on, on, on, you know, the lads that were out there, uh, performing. Um, whereas this year, I'd, you know, hoping it weren't gonna get to the playoff, but I still, I still fancy those anyway, but I kind of knew we were gonna get the job done.
I, I was so nervous at that away last year, I was shaking the whole game and this year I was up until the 85th minute I was, so I couldn't watch the last five minutes the of this game. And then I came back out. Um, I was so nervous, but this year I was really, really relaxed in the standing I'd go, go. I was sitting next to Guffs and Guffs was gone the whole game.
It was just so of last year, um, I think we started to play it down when we were getting asked questions of, you know, was it in our minds? Yeah, it was. Yeah, it was, of course it was like we can't, we all can't deny that it was in Amans. Let's be real. I think every fan's mind was in probably all the coaching stuff's, man, when something that bad happens to you, I don't think it wasn't.
Um, but as I say, just literally shows the mentality of this group of. How we just put it to put it aside and you know, the lads that are on the pitch and you know, the, some of the ages of the lads that are on the pitch that are just dealing with the pressure, um, absolutely outstanding to man of what every single person in this group have, have given a different way this year.
Um, cause you know, I wouldn't say he obviously points to tally wires, but if people delved into every single promotion campaign, this has got to be one of the best promotion campaigns out there. And I just think you can really go around and say every man played at least 15 games maybe. Uh, I do think that's really a promotion.
Uh, you know, and if you look through our squad, there was probably 25 lads that played the minimum of 15 starts maybe this year. And I think that's really what you go back in promotions. I think that'll be a really, you know, rare thing to do. 
[00:21:25] Charles Commins: Yeah, I think, I think you're right. I think when you do go back and you look at, you know, the promotions we've had, you know, the wildest season was, was, was magical, but it's a different type of experience.
Yeah. Queens 
[00:21:40] Aaron McGowan: tally wise. Obviously I one city and argue how unbelievable some teams are being the one who championship and, and say that. But what, you know what I'm saying in the sense of just a different way. I don't think if you are, how many those 25 lads used that would generally not just used to come off the bench and like we do a need of, that's it.
And points. Like I, I got touch on it at the weekend. Like we didn't even know David Norman six weeks ago. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. Eh, Paul OSU just came from the cold and just unbelievable on Saturday. Yeah. Just, just, just, you know, and that's, I think the gaffer said it wouldn't have been, um, obviously.
Hansey, you know, Haines, I spoke to Hansey yesterday. Really proud of what Hessey's done this year. I think Hessey's really, you know, I, I was, you know, he, he was in a, probably a tough place at a certain time and just to come up the code like that and put in the performances he did for the last maybe 12 to 58 games of the season.
But these are sort of people and characters that obviously you get your marque names or you know, the Sam Huskins or you know, Johnies or, you know, peop Bit Lee be, and the people that have been outstanding all season, but there's been real unsung heroes or the, you know, there's probably 15 to 20 unsung heroes in the group as well.
And honestly every single one of them. And just really proud to, you know, be a part of them and, and, you know, be a part to help lead them.
[00:23:11] Charles Commins: I, I worked for Harvey, uh, Lin Top for a minute. Cause obviously he's your. Competition for that place at, at right back, you know? Yeah. But you look at him coming in from, you know, he got released by Gillingham at the end of last season. They're all kicking themselves. Of course now he's done fantastic. Well, and I doubt, obviously I've not spoken to him to ask him this question, so I don't know.
But you would imagine that he was coming into the club going, right, well, when you are fit again, that's your spot back. So a lot to learn from you's thinking, but then he's actually gone and played so many games and he's done so well. I think literally he's out, he's out one maybe, you know, not great game.
And that was, maybe it switch away in the Pete's trophy that really mind about, don't think, don't think anybody was good. No, exactly. This is it. It was, it was, everybody didn't really have the best of games that day, but he's been fantastic. And then, you know, to come in and, and fill in for you when you've been injured or, or, or out.
He's been fantastic. 
[00:24:15] Aaron McGowan: Harvey couldn't speak highly enough as Harvey, as a, as a lad. Um, you know, obviously it's, it's no secret that were both right backs. Um, so I think when you look at the actual, funnily enough, the bigger picture, there's probably only been two games where the one's been on the bench, cuz the're the one's playing.
Um, I rarely love, funnily enough, I, I rarely, you know, enjoy me, you know, the, the role, the gaffers maybe trying to get me to play in the sense of a right of a back tree. Um, that's the, when we play that formulation, I know I love that role more than playing wingback and I know Harvey loves playing wingback more than that role.
Um, yeah, so I think, you know, people might look at it and say, yeah, book competition, but at the same time, I also think I've played 15 games with him. Um, in, when we play that back, you know, that formation, you can always been me mate next to me. Um, there actually hasn't been many games where at all, where, you know, one's been on the bench for the other, in all honesty.
Um, And, you know, just a lad that really wants to learn. Um, and that's what going back to me role this year may maybe, might have changed, I think might have been more of a selfish role last year where, you know, Harvey shares, you know, these are sorts of as that wanna develop as players and ask questions and, you know, I was really grateful that, to see me as a sort of person where I live with them both.
So they're constantly asking questions about football and, you know, I like to think I've got a, you know, I've seen him still 26, but, you know, uh, a wealth of, know wealth in the game and these sorts of ads and, you know, people are at half time have these constantly asking me questions and I'm, I'm talking through, through certain things.
And, uh, a really great relationship. He's a great lad. Um, Be highly enough of them. And as you say, it doesn't have to be one or the other. We can 
[00:26:00] Charles Commins: both play. Yeah. I I, I remember going back to, uh, Rochdale away last season. You got put wing back or further up maybe even than that, and you weren't happy. I remember that post-match interview that you did with T-Mobile Thorpe and I, I mean, don't get me wrong, it wasn't like you were throwing your, your toys out the pram or anything.
Yeah. But you made it, you made it pretty clear that that's that's not my position. That's not where I play. And, uh, did you get subbed in that game as well? Was that part of the frustration? I think, 
[00:26:26] Aaron McGowan: yeah. It was maybe a bit of frustration. Maybe it was, but before we got the, there was also, I think people didn't realize, well that game, I, I, we put about 30 minutes that game.
We, we were playing 4 42 and I was playing right wing. And that is, I had to think gently. That was really not my position. So it wasn't just about wing back, it was right wing. Um, And, uh, you know, I spoke to, spoke to the analyst maybe the other day and I, you know, don't like to bang me on drum, but when I've played right of a back three, we've only lost one game out of 18.
So, um, I think that also goes hand in hand with just like remembering when you've played that position that when you're in a change room after the game, you've enjoyed that game. Do you get what I mean? Because I haven't, you know, obviously I think I've literally lost since I've joined the football club, one game playing there.
Um, so I think that goes hand in hand why I enjoyed the position. Maybe just, you know, as I said to you there, the, the feeling of half the games, I think you always, you remember just like not remember very early if you play well or you play thingy, but sometimes you go in football when you've played that many games of how the feeling was after that same game.
Um, so as I said, something where I really enjoy playing, um, and as I say, uh, I think I had to, to play more of a central role for the fat four or five games towards the end, which was. Unfamiliar, like stone cast Stevenage and, and things like that. And I really enjoyed that next to me, my go. So yeah, just, um, aside, going back to think that's what everyone's done this year, haven't you?
Everybody's had to play unfamiliar position somewhere or the other, but it's, it's a position where, you know, I'm feel like I'm making it really familiar to myself and it's shooting me. 
[00:28:03] Charles Commins: Do you know he is. Obviously Kyle Walker has kind of made that right of a back three role. Really prominent, hasn't he, in terms of world football And everybody knows what it is and you know, obviously he's a player that started his career, well, made his debut in the AFL with us.
Um, and, and, and then you are kind of going on and replicating that a little bit. It's really good to hear that you enjoy playing in that position and that you go there. I I'm sure you don't necessarily wanna start there next season. You'd rather have, you know, your I generally honestly 
[00:28:33] Aaron McGowan: at, at this minute chat as if we, you know, I think if we play it back forward, no I'd like play right back.
If we play it back for I gen I generally enjoy it just as much as playing right back at the minute. That's honest as I can be. Um, so, you know, I feel that's good that, you know, the way, you know, banks has gotta go to the manager as well. Cause when I, when I joined the football club, I would never have thought that that role would just be, you know, but the gaffers, you know, coach coached the into me, well how we, I know how the gaff what the gaffer wants when you play there sort of thing.
So, you know, it's just another, um, Expanding the work sort of thing. And yeah, as said, I think over the past two years, Charles, I think what this manager's been so good at is coaching players to be so adaptable. I think that's been like, when we need to see a game out, we, we, we have a set and sign that we know that means, like we see the game out.
And I think especially in the first year when, you know, I do feel like we were in and we just used to set up, set up camp for the past last 10 minutes. I just, I just knew that you weren't getting past the backfire we had that season. So, as I say, really enjoying it and only, uh, hopefully more 
[00:29:39] Charles Commins: to come.
Yeah, absolutely. Definitely. I, I, I love the fact that, you know, going back to the gaffer for a minute, whenever a player is signed for us, it is always, maybe it's a bit football cliche of it, but in that interview that's sort of given initially, there's always the words of John Brady's a great coach. I've come here to learn from him.
How, how true is that though? I mean, you've just said there, you've, you've learned a new position that you didn't expect to ever be playing. Is he, you know, bringing that role that he did with the under eighteens before he got this job? I know you weren't here then, but essentially he was a, he was a coach and he was there to teach rather than win games.
The transition he's done, he's managed to keep that learning side of it, it looks like, from my point of view, looking outside in. 
[00:30:25] Aaron McGowan: Yeah, I think, I think tactically he's, uh, he's tactically the best I've came across just per, personally my career. Um, his ideas and his methods and the way, the way he thinks.
He's a really, he's a, he's a real student to the game. Um, he's constantly coming up with different things. Some of them are a bit mad, um, and he likes to, he likes to express himself on the training pitch. And I think what, what, what doesn't go on, what can't go under the raids are of how, you know, plan calling, call the what's coaching method can be as well.
And, um, you know, they just really work well together. I think Gaff is a bit more HandsOn. He, he's one of the managers that loves to be hands-on, whereas obviously a lot of people have came across. A lot of coaches I've came across in the past. You know, sometimes it's the assistant that takes training more, um, and the they, you know, they kind just share it and split it.
And sometimes it's, you know, position based of, of what, where he'd do. Colin will tend to sometimes do the defenders and the say, you know, the Gaffs always tells us how good of a winer he was in his day. So I think he takes, you know, the slicers, uh, wingers and midfielders. I just think that there's also, you can't underestimate Collin call the Woods role as well of how they literally just really blend well together as, as a parent.
And obviously then you throw in your Ricos and this and you can't, just going back to underestimating people, James Alga as well, like the, you know, the goalkeepers the past two seasons since James a has been here, you know, Liam Roberts wearing that goalkeeper before he came to Northampton. And you know, Lee Beg Obviously's had a great career and he still is a great, great goalkeeper, but I think Beg will tell you himself that he's been outstanding this year and he's came on leaps and bounds as well.
So James Alga another person that can't be, you know, underestimated in his role. So just got real good people at the club that are all, are all really wanting to learn as, as well on the job, if that makes sense. And, uh, when you've got a group that are willing to let you learn as well, that's the most important thing.
Um, at the end of the day, if, you know, willing to listen to our coaching staff, um, I'll make it very clear to you that you're not welcoming at, or, you know, jungle, three wheel orders. People are, you can't get away with certain things this group would add. You'd rather, the thing about this group is you'd rather it in it all, you know?
Um, and that's what is literally I think, got us over the line this season. 
[00:32:47] Charles Commins: Being that group. You're talking about that group as if it, well, it probably is absolutely everybody. We, when we've talked to, you know, previous ex pros or previous cobblers players, they, they've sometimes talked about there being little cliques within the main group.
It feels very much like this year. And then if I compare you to Wilder's 20 15 16, It's like everybody is one big group and they're, yeah, okay. You're gonna have, you know, maybe closer friendships with certain people. That's life, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah, of 
[00:33:20] Aaron McGowan: course. Eh, listen, don't get me wrong, you know, me, for example, we've probably got a, you know, six or seven of us, maybe the more experienced ones that maybe are closer than they certain, but it's definitely not cliques, you know, it's a, it's a group and it's just like life, you know, different people have different interests, and that's just, you know how it is.
Um, and, and as you say, you've got, you, you know, you've got what the thing is, you've got your golf group that I'm literally not a part of, and then you've, that's where people from, as you saying, closer friends come together and then they've got their little golf group going on. And I'd say that's how it is.
And you, you just definitely don't get away with the, the affel tell you, the affel likes to let you know the lads, you know, the experience. Lads police the dress room first and foremost. He really does have to step in and say a piece. Um, cause we, I feel like we police it well, and I, I don't think you'll get away with much.
But as I say, for me, Charles would rather it all in all or not. Um, and if there was cliques in this, in this group, we wouldn't have been promoted this season. I think that's just cl plays a seat. Cause you've got a group of 26, 27 lads this year that'll go that extra yard for the other 26. And that's, that is really rare.
That is really rare. 
[00:34:34] Charles Commins: Yeah, I think, I think it shows that, you know, you, you put a group together who all wanna fight for each other or like each other all get along. Yeah. This is what happens. That culminates in, in a good season. And uh, you know, and it's the same in any workplace. At the end of the day, if you want to work with the people you work with and work for the boss that that is paying you to do your job, then you do your job well and, and everybody works together and it, it doesn't matter whether that's a football club or a call center or wherever.
Uh, it, it might be, it's exactly the same thing. Um, I wanna ask you a bit of a cheeky question cause I know you were in charge of player fines this year. Yeah. What's the weirdest thing or the strangest or funniest thing that you've had to find someone for this year? 
[00:35:17] Aaron McGowan: Uh, Danny Hilton. Danny Hilton.
Straightway. Just when you say weird, that's just like, he, he must be on good money, Charles, because like, The money that, that, that, that lads threw away. I'm, I'm wearing looting socks this year. It's just absolutely. I don't, I don't know who robs socks from a football club, but that lad's got umbrella socks on top.
Um, and make it, to make it weirder. It's never, it's, I think it's a tennis pair sock, uh, to find our club. If you've got wrong socks and you're allowed blister socks, grip socks, for example. Um, but it's either gotta be this season obviously be a human act season. But this season, if you didn't wear the hum or North Amazon socks or, or grip socks, it's a 10 pair sock.
And I'm constantly fanning my 10 because this what makes it weird, the Chaz, he's got one OSA and one humble sock. And like you just, 
[00:36:11] Charles Commins: he doing it on purpose. He clearly is 
[00:36:13] Aaron McGowan: I, that's what I'm saying mate. Cause I'm like, Come on like that. I see me. I don't like being a dictator with the fans. I just want, you know, the gaff will put me in charge probably cause she thinks I'm respected and not one person.
There was a few times last year where maybe we had to take them to the manager cuz people won't pay them. Good to say that that hasn't happened this year. Nobody has not paid their funds. That's a good start. Uh, and the gaff that I think with the fans, the gaffer, like self-policing. So, uh, the gaffer hasn't, has a problem with me this year about nobody not paying fans.
That's good. But I just always like to say like, HIL, I don't wanna be that person, but like, help me help you. Like, and he is like aj. No, but like, I, I just, I mean, I was all up, up up the place this morning when I'm, I'm just like, hilts, it's not hard to get two pairs of socks. The same like, And it's just constantly Charles, it's constant with him.
It's never two shocks. It's never too un bro either. It's just what they that, that he's on a different planet. Danny. He'll, he's just, he's wear, he's water up boots for train this year and just like, I can't even believe what I'm seeing here. But, um, as I say, he's, he's your biggest for fans as well. M and a Ali, he's not the best with fines.
Ali's time timekeeping is not the best, let's put it that way.
[00:37:37] Charles Commins: Let, let's go back to Monday cuz Monday was amazing, but it must have been hard for you sat there. You've already said that you couldn't watch the last five minutes, but I, I take it you were sat in the stand for most of the game. Uh, so above the dugouts rather than, uh, in with us. Not that there was any Yeah, well we, there 
[00:37:55] Aaron McGowan: insides box for the first half and, um, Family's directors.
Boxing is not what they probably are as a biggest for a lot of TRA fans. So, um, we thought like, let's move down, get closer. Cause we noticed there was a gap literally right behind the bench and mm-hmm. You know, in all honesty, we thought, you know, if we go, we wanna be right next to the bench or like near the cause where we were, it was a five minute, it was like a maze sign to get down the stands.
So we were like, well, you know, we'll miss five minutes of the game towards the end. Do you know what I mean? So at last time we moved on to today the dugout, and that was leaving worse. We were writing a set of family fans and you just, you know, I don't think that I'm the favor person cause I'm a scouting and don't keep me mouth shut on game.
Um, so, you know, I was, I'm getting told a few same words in that time job, but it was all in good, in good gesture. Um, but as I say, so we watched the second half there and as I say, going back to, you know, fried, if you ever speak to him about this, he wa he was the most nervous person in the world. I was sitting next to him.
Um, but I was bad against when I was sitting next to him, so, uh, just trying to be the, the, you know, the calming each other down for both certain weeks. And, uh, I was really honestly charged. I was really chilled this weekend. I, I, I, I think there was an element of in me as, you know, when we, this is just being honest, you know, when I found out, obviously before the Bradford game, it was two points, you know, that we needed.
Mm-hmm. I just, something was telling me I didn't want it to be, I didn't speak it into existence. So I just thought that just because it's two points, it's just really awkward. And I thought maybe, we'll, I fall deep down personally, I thought maybe we'll draw against Bradford. Cause it's not, it's the Northampton way.
You're not doing it straightforward. The first opportunity. Yeah, absolutely. We always like to do it the way we know that by, you know, recent history or whatever. Um, and I thought maybe the way we'll go, well. I thought maybe stop all late knowing might draw. That's just me, God's honest thing. And I, I, I'm not speaking to Rosie cause obviously I'm very close with Danny Rose and obviously I'm close with Fra.
You know, we were, we've all been chatting in the group chatting. Um, I, I thought that we'd do it against Traia, I think, because I always thought we'd do it against Traia and I, I knew we'd be tra I think that's why I was so calm during that game. Um, but GOs was adamant that we were gonna do it against Bradford and I think that's why GOs was really nervous, you know, for this week.
So, um, as I said, I was really chilled. Uh, I went in, I'll be honest with you, Charles, I went in, I put after shave on, if I did 90th minute, I went in cause of the force I'm gonna be, you know, probably getting mobbed. Don't wanna stink. Yeah. I went in put after shave on and, um, I, I'll be honest with you, I've got the stop post flash guard on my phone.
It went 91st minute and I thought there was no other twist in turn. And me missile was sitting in the away. And I think you were kind to getting information maybe. I don't know why. Bef you know, it seemed like the fans were at the softball game. They were literally getting me as it happened. Um, and I came back down mi hair's done after shave on ready to, you know, celebrate being promoted.
And I just see me misses on my phone. Cause I was, she was in the end stop open and I thought you were joking me. And I just thought this is literally, and we've spoke about this after the game, how bad we felt for that last five minutes Yeah. Of the stop board at the pool game. And then five minutes later you, you four points ahead, you go up by four points in, you're like, that's just something's this place up though.
Which is it? You know what I mean? It's just never a chilled, let's just get it done moment. It's just always the odd way. And when you look at it, it's actually, it's crazy to think how bad you felt for that five minutes, and probably you felt the same there as. We finished all points ahead. It's 
[00:41:55] Charles Commins: Matt Isad.
You, you're completely right. I mean, I had, Neilly does a pub with me on, on my right hand side, and he was literally on the Skys sports app, flicking between the Skys sports app for the score and watching the, uh, you know, the, the text commentary on his phone back to Twitter to go on the Stockport feed, back to the Skyport app.
And then on my left hand side, I had Che and, and she was just getting info from somebody that was behind her. 
[00:42:20] Aaron McGowan: My miss got information off a, a, I think it was an eight year old lad, and she was like, I didn't know whether to believe him because I thought like he was just saying what we wanted to hear or like Yeah, yeah.
And like, and I was like, how would he know? You 
[00:42:33] Charles Commins: know what I mean? Yeah. Well this was it. Like, so we, we heard that Stockport, uh, you know, had got a pen in the last couple of minutes and then it was Neil that said to me off the Sky Sports app, Stockport Pen, and, and I think our whole road just were like, And I, I was try, I was actually the calm one.
Cause I was going, well we, we, we are winning. Doesn't matter. Yeah. And I was, I'd been trying to, I think this was me trying to calm myself down through the whole day. Yeah. Of just going, look, if we are winning, it's not a problem because three points, there's a point gap. It's not a problem at all. It's absolutely fine.
And everybody else was going, yeah, but if they win this and I get it, the pressure's on because of the other team doing what they had to do. But at no point really watching that trans game. Okay. My heart was in my mouth for the whole 90 whatever it was a hundred minutes probably with the two sets of injury times.
But I never really felt like they were gonna go and score as much as they were pushing. And they were doing a professional job like you talked about before. Yeah. 
[00:43:34] Aaron McGowan: So I think there was one flash across gold. Yeah. That really I think, oh my god. Cause my knee a shovel next to my kicks after that one.
Honestly, I thought we were, you know, I wouldn't say we were calm in some moments, obviously, but I didn't really feel like they threatened, um, I thought there was definitely a stage 70 to 85 minutes where I think we absolutely controlled the game. And like Mark Leonards, my God, how good that play is for just the age he's at.
And just obviously when you're watching it and he's just playing like passes, like, you know, square across the halfway line. And I'm just thinking if he misplaced that they were in it, you know what I mean? And you're just like, and he's just so calm out there. Um, but as I say, just absolutely unbelievable.
And, you know, the scenes are full-time and 
[00:44:22] Charles Commins: well before, before we get there, one thing that I wanna say is that when, when the penalty does get saved, so first of all, somebody on my left turns around and says it's been saved. Yeah. And nearly sat next to me going, well, it's not happened on my phone yet. So he was like, I'm not believing it.
And then there's, and then the away end erupts because of the save. Yeah. There's a little bit of a pitch invasion. People probably just thinking that we are celebrating full-time whistle. Cuz I mean, I, I dunno how it was for you in the main stand, but we couldn't hear anything on the oi, we didn't know the national anthem was playing at the start of the game.
We didn't know what was going on. We couldn't hear them asking us to get off the pitch. You just, the tannoy system was rubbish. That, that's me. 
[00:45:03] Aaron McGowan: Miss said that me Miss. Cause I said like, obviously close to Liverpool and they were talking about being the national anthem. Anthem or whatever. It's, it's, it's boring for me now, all that, but mm-hmm.
I was like, obviously Northampton, I know probably more south of the country, bit more patriotic. And I was like, I'm surprised Hanton was like, we didn't know the system was that bad and I was like, I was really surprised cause I was obviously, I'm watching it, I'm thinking, I thought, I thought years to be playing the national anthem out, which is probably would've done.
And I was like, I thought they were, I thought that fans were unbelievable. I said, I thought they were quiet on the national anthem, which I thought you were gonna be loud as well. And she was like, System at Printing Park is terrible. And I was like, obviously I think we were in the main stand, like close to the time, but it must be the away must have air.
Um, but yeah, just the, listen, I've got no problem with pitching Beijings really obviously, as long as it's done in Goodwill. Mm-hmm. I, I obviously me and the gaff pushing people off it, it was 
[00:45:59] Charles Commins: just because that was the moment that for me will live a bit in the memory is you and, and Brady just both of you go.
And it's the way when you, when you look at it, the video, Brady goes first. It's a little bit like you are like, right, I'm going as well. Yeah. 
[00:46:16] Aaron McGowan: Going as well. I, I just wanted the moment to be, I, I dunno, I just wanted the moment to have full time to be that good and it was, yeah. And I just didn't want that.
And what it was, I didn't want it to be, you know, Obviously cuz we're, we're a respectful group and it wants to be respectful as a Shania, I don't think it's disrespectful to pitching invades. I'm full-time. I just think like, let us finish the game. That was all it was. And I, I like, I've still got no, you know, wouldn't sit and go, why would you five minutes here?
I understand why they're doing it, but it's just like, come on, let's just get another three minutes this games and then, then we can all celebrate. I, I 
[00:46:51] Charles Commins: genuinely think it was just a misunderstanding from, cuz it only happened at what, from one end of the stand. And I think it was literally the, the cheers coming from the rest of the away support.
They, those people probably just thought full-time 
[00:47:05] Aaron McGowan: whistle's gone. Yeah. Full-time. And it was just at the pals he's been saved, been saved sort of thing. Cause there was still, people don't realize when they were pitching vision there was still 45 seconds left. And I'm still not, at least I've been there at that barrel away mate.
I'm not risking 45 seconds and thinking it's done yet. You know what I mean? So that's safe All, it's all in good. Just honestly like Absolutely. Our fans are unbelievable on the day. They made such a difference. Uh, and I just really hope in that next season, like they always do. We, they, you know, hopefully, you know, we do a good season ticket numbers and we've got some massive big games.
Look forward to next year. 
[00:47:40] Charles Commins: Absolutely. I was gonna ask you, what, what are you looking forward to most about League One? 
[00:47:45] Aaron McGowan: Peterborough? Yeah, hopefully Peterborough. That's, you know, I, I've, I'll be honest with you, child, before I joined the club, I didn't really know no Hampton Star or who, who North Hampton League.
And you know, now I'm fully embedded in the club. Peter one, I'm really, you know, lifting me Lipa. Um, I think maybe the Bri Rose game will be a bit tasty. I enjoy, I'm looking forward to that one as well. Um, and then you've got, you know, think that I be aware it'd be a great day for the fans and, and you know, them sort of games.
I think Peter Bear, Bristol was probably shot on the maybe suit, suit my swords Again, I'm looking to get me lips into 
[00:48:23] Charles Commins: Yeah, absolutely. I I can, I can see that completely, absolutely fair. No, I mean, there's a, there's a lot isn't there? Because the Bristol, we know the reasons for the Peterborough, again, we won't talk about that, but the Bristol oversight of it, how much do you pay attention to the sort of, the stuff that happens on social media?
Because Bristol Rovers is media team of, of basically, let's be honest, they've been trying to wind us up since that day at Barrow. Little tiny things. You know, there was a video, uh, the one that sticks in my mind was that there was some sort of image of a, of a TV with a VCR player with a, a VCR tape thing that had, you know, seven Neil result and, and and r result against Barry on the other tape and bits and pieces like that.
And you're thinking to yourself, from my point of view, I'm just going, oh, come on. Like, I get it. It's, 
[00:49:11] Aaron McGowan: it's a bit of fun. Yeah, some have been. It's funny because, uh, like. I'll make it clear when I see that social media fell like, and I bet he goes right into Den Saw. As I said, the thing about it is I, I think this is literally just a fullon misunderstanding about the whole thing of I actually really respect what's done that day.
It's like they still had to do that job and I think there's been a such a misconception of, it was their, like, we think it was their fault. It was literally what they'd done. You know, even though we were on the other end was literally unbelievable. And all the respect and the well, absolutely fair play for, for us, the problem went with them and that's what I don't, I don't get held as far to be, you know, probably as saying to a mini rivalry now, but, you know, that's been through probably what's being treated by one certain asshole, let's put it that way.
Um, yeah, you know, I think there's been, there's a level of respect that you don't cross and, you know, at the end of the day, we, we are the people and the fans of the people that have affected most to rubber in like that. I, I thought it was really disrespectful. Um, and as say that is literally not, cause it's a great football club, bris and that team, it was, you know, they had some unbelievable players that season.
They still have. And it, I just think it's just like, it does not, it was nothing to do with our feeling ill feelings or whatever we had or how we felt was nothing to do with our Bris rovers. It's just, it's just been made up by, I feel like a social media fellow really. And that's the God's done us through.
Yeah. Um, so yeah, I'd say it'll be, it'll be a good game. It'll be a good game. You know, they've got a good manager. Uh, they're unbelievable. You know, they are a big club. They're a massive club. They're a great club. Bris rovers. Um, I'm say I can't believe there's been like this many rivalry that I don't feel that we feel as a rivalry, but you know, we, let's be honest, we all know there'll be a bit more on it.
Um, I think obviously the gaffer speaks, doesn't speak well about that gaff either. Uh, and as say, uh, it's, you know what, football low league football's great, isn't it? Well, you're alsos what you want, isn't it? You don't want every game to be. He's 1 24 games. I see. So I'm nodding on it. Sometimes certain games have a different edge.
Peter be the same, that'll have an edge in a different way. Even the Cambridge one. So yeah, it'll be a, there'd be great games to play in. Can't, can't really looking forward to getting me teaching 
[00:51:31] Charles Commins: to them. He's that thing, isn't it? Like Steve Evans this year said a couple of things, didn't he? About celebrating on their pitch and all this, that and the other after the, the game at the lax and then he said some other stuff about, uh, you know, us having a great, brilliant team, brilliant manager, brilliant.
All of this stuff really playing us up and I mean, fair place. And, you know, they got the draw, didn't they, at our place in the end. And they, they basically pummeled us for about 20 minutes. But I mean, it's, it's what makes Lower league, isn't it? That that is exactly it. Like 
[00:52:03] Aaron McGowan: Steve Evans, he's a, he's, he's an interesting fellow isn and he like, when you all strip it back, He's grateful our league football isn't he?
Um, yeah. The man we like we're just some of the stuff he's saying that way. Laughing, this man games, he's brilliant. Steve Evans, he's brilliant. Some of the man games, I think he said we went stage restroom after you think that we would ever think about walking and when was that result? Maybe October. Go into Steven and just changing room and celebrate and like, come on Steve, for that lit.
Literally that's part of his master plan. I'm fair. Play certain he done what he needs to do in the ends and he's done an excellent job at Steven's Football Club and I'm really happy for me mate, Rosie as well. To 
[00:52:43] Charles Commins: be fair, you go back to that, that picture of Rosie on the pitch at Barrow last season in the goalkeeper top after he is, had to go in net after Roberts got sent off.
In a way, I mean, I, I, I, I, I am, I'm made up for him. For the fact that he's gone and done it. I mean it's, there's only from a fan's perspective, and I'm not gonna ask you about this at all, but you know, it's a bit annoying that he went to Stevenage and started scoring, but, you know, but fair play to him for, for going and, you know, yeah.
He found a club that actually he clearly 
[00:53:17] Aaron McGowan: fits. Yeah, a hundred percent. Uh, he's, he's, he works well with Steve Evans, Rosie's that they've got his dad in lab going on. Um, I think Steve Evans signed Rosie and Mabe last year, which obviously the Stevens fans probably don't know, but that's where, that's where that, that signing got happened last year.
Um, and as, as I say, in all honesty, mate, it, if there was, you know, obviously besides this group of people in at this football club, I'll be honest with you, if there's three more people in this league that deserve to go up this year, it's Paul Lewis Fraser Horse and Danny Rose. You know, anybody that was part of that team last year that are played is still in the same league.
And you know, obviously. Things haven't been going great with Sam near this year, uh, but I'm sure they'll bounce back next. But, you know, I'm rarely rooting for FRA in the playoffs because he deserves it. And, uh, we were, honestly, mate, we were saying once light got done, I felt like it was a free horse race for two, two for two positions.
I didn't feel bad whatever in it. Um, even though they ended up turning now to be in, in a way. But I didn't think Bradford would ever, you know, uh, gonna be in it. I felt it was, you know, steroids, which is Rosie Stock, Paul Fraser and us. And we were, we were all texting in the group chat. Cause we have a group chat that we text on every day.
Um, and it was like, how has this happens where it's, it's between us, you know what I mean? We would've predicted that the start of the season. So, uh, we'd give Fraser a and I wouldn't even say a bit of stick. FRAs had a lot of stick over the past couple of days. Um, cause he's, he said some comments over the past few weeks and, uh, um, so, uh, it's still carried on into the day.
Obviously Rosie's going to my bay and we're going to, I beta. Just a few odd comments of, uh, what deliveries have you had, Steve, you've got your stuff packed for, you know, the weekend, stuff like that. And uh, obviously Sean Mces has been on for as well over you wedding pads this weekend wearing, but it, when it's all sent on, I really open just, just like, obviously I'm not really bothered who goes up and I hope stock board do just cause of things and all honesty.
[00:55:15] Charles Commins: play. No, that's fair play. I mean, of course the Fraser being in the playoff means he gets, you know, more opportunity for, uh, appearance and goal bonus. 
[00:55:22] Aaron McGowan: More money for, yeah, well I'm not sure he needs that. Sure. He needs that. You know, when he moved to stock board, he probably give that old one than there was a new challenge.
[00:55:33] Charles Commins: It's a new challenge. Keep opening another bank account. Was 
[00:55:35] Aaron McGowan: that one them new challenges and for four the best ones 
[00:55:38] Charles Commins: Auntie when you see it. Oh mate, it's been brilliant. I've got some quick fire questions that some of our listeners sent in. So who's your favorite teammate to room with? Favorite teammate 
[00:55:49] Aaron McGowan: or roommate?
My roommates Harvey Lin. Um, you know what, I'm gonna stick with Harvey. I'm gonna stick with Harvey. Me, me, me, me mate. Um, like me, Sean Harvey away sometimes. 
[00:56:00] Charles Commins: Bless you. Who, who, who would you just refuse to? Uh, 
[00:56:04] Aaron McGowan: Sean McWilliams couldn't I, I actually think I might end up being in a room with I beatta and I'm just not looking forward to it.
And it's nothing Stewart, where he's actually round the bend because Mitch pin's the one you don't really want. Although John and Mitch are the roommates and Mitch played before the game's really quiet. But in I beta one, one, I'm not, I am not room with Mitch Pin Iita, um, Bush Sean MCs is probably just in life.
Somebody that I don't wanna, me and him constantly argue, like constantly. Um, yeah, we just don't see iwi in a lot of things. He wanna be best mate to the football club, but like a little, uh, wife and husband argument marriage we've got going on. So, I couldn't not, I couldn't, I couldn't very much. Sean Mc Williams, he's, he's, he's, he thinks he's writing everything he says it's one of them guys.
[00:56:50] Charles Commins: Interesting one. This one, if you could sign any of your ex-teammates or any ex teammate that you've had for the cobblers, who would it be? 
[00:56:57] Aaron McGowan: Before the season? I was it through FRA in there. Um, now we've got shares don't need them. I play with, uh, Carl Lak, kill Man. Um, sad, sad, I sad in all honesty, over the past and the wages are a bit that they are steep, but Laier the top gold score in Euro 2016, I think it was from the Hood Islands, eh?
Yeah. Just one of them people that just, every finishing session, you're just looking at it, going listen to, don't think he's the best athlete in the world. But Carl, after he was, when I play with him, was unbelievable. Think he, when play with he score 15 and 15, so he was that sort of the guy where he just give, given the ball.
He, you know, similar level of finishing to Sam Hoskins, but. I think laugh would be someone that'd be a real good sign of the football cup. 
[00:57:44] Charles Commins: Um, last but one, have you spoken to Jack Roll? 
[00:57:48] Aaron McGowan: No, I haven't. No. No I haven't. Uh, no, no. Be interesting. Winning next. Uh, no, I haven't. Look as, as I say, going back to like when people perceive problem with problems, not with him that much.
It's the mm-hmm. It's the, you know, the other stuff around that I couldn't believe in, you know, you know, the, the appealing how that never got over 10 and things like that. Uh, I feel like he, you know, he, he, he calmed them really. And we've probably had plays for playing for us this season now, probably conned as well.
So that does happen in professional football. Uh, I've really got no ill feelings towards him. Wouldn't say I like them either. Uh, so no, I haven't spoke to him. I think. I think, uh, I, there's elements of, I think Foxy spoke to, I think Foxy knows him and I think he said to maybe something to Foxy that he's been getting really hammered on social media.
Um, and I think then those elements of like starting to feel a bit sorry for him now really. Cause he did get it And uh, sometimes I was like, oh that's lot fans. Cause I've seen a lot like, go on boys, you can get mad into it. But in the end I felt a bit sorry for him actually, so, you know. No, we're all 
[00:59:01] Charles Commins: sounds okay.
Last bit. Uh, definitely not least mate. Uh, before I say thank you and goodbye, I think you need to go and find a crab in I bha. Just take a little video. Would that be all right? 
[00:59:13] Aaron McGowan: Yeah. Um, well, I'll probably send the SA isn't coming. Uh, he's decided that he's, he's not coming. So, uh, I'll be sending a video over if I find one of sas.
Um, I'm gonna put Mark Leonard in that category now as well, so I might just send him Mark. Cause they never ball the, never pass the ball forward. Uh, it's alright. Have a 90% possession if you don't pass forward. So I'll be sure to make that a personal, uh, thing that I think of 
[00:59:42] Charles Commins: when I'm there, mate. It's, uh, it's been an absolute pleasure.
Uh, thanks so much for doing this. Um, anybody that's listening, basically, uh, a fairly drunken Charles went up to, uh, AJ at the end of season awards and, uh, and, and basically forced him to come on the pod. Uh, and he's a man to his word and he's done it a couple of, literally a couple of days later. So, uh, Cheers mate.
You used to do great work. 
[01:00:06] Aaron McGowan: Um, the podcast is something that the fan base really, really enjoying. Uh, just wanna personally say, well done on your accolades over the past 12 months that you've got with this podcast. Uh, you know, you are going in the right direction and hopefully great league on football.
You just can have many bigger viewers and episodes, mate. So well done. Charles, Neil, Danny and Chei Che. He's the one that loves Ali, isn't he? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hopefully he signs for cheer sake then see what happens. 
[01:00:33] Charles Commins: Thanks to Aaron McGowan. It was great chatting to him. I hope you really enjoyed listening to what he had to say.
I do want to just tell you that at the end of the recording, he did say a huge, huge thank you to each and every one of you. All of the Cobbles fans made this season incredible. For each and every one of the players and everybody else at the football club. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, zoom decided that it was gonna cut off that little bit, and it's not fair on on me not mentioning it.
So he did say a huge thank you to each and every one of you. It's been a fantastic season. I'm sure you will agree with that. The players are all so appreciative of everything that you have done. Watching the games, supporting the lads, it's been a season that we won't forget for an awfully long time.
Thank you so much for listening. This has been, it's All Cobbles to me. If you've enjoyed what you've heard and you'd like to give something back and support the podcast, plus get some extra content into your ears and eyes. Why not sign up to our patron? It's full of great content. paton.com/cobblers to me.
You will find yourself in our Slack community, which is fabulous. So many nice people in there talking about cobblers and other bits and pieces throughout the week. Plus, there's our weekly bonus episode of The Basement Tales, which obviously will be changing for next year in League One. Oh, yes, and we've got some other stuff in there for you too.
Go to patreon.com/cobbles to me for more information and of course to sign up. Again, thank you very much for listening. We'll be back next week with the beos. Thanks again to Aaron McGowan and thanks for listening. Goodbye.


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