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Northampton Town Podcast Cobblers 1-1 Bristol Rovers – There’s plenty to talk about this week after The Cobblers failed to win their most winnable game (on paper) of their final games.

Will a return to League Two mellow me?

Sometimes when we come to record the podcast on a Sunday night I find myself worrying that we aren’t going to be able to fill an hour and provide content that you really want to hear. It feels like all of us on the pod team have been repeating ourselves over and over this season and I fear that doesn’t make for a good podcast.

This week I was fired up and ready to go.

I’d made notes on the Bristol Rovers game immediately after it finished, there were a lot of them too!

During the game I had got so angry with what I was watching, sometimes shouting at the TV like I would from my seat in the stand. A couple of people on the Patreon Slack group joked that they hadn’t noticed how annoyed I was with the players and the way the game was going. I was fuming!

Fuming with Joseph Mills for not being able to take a corner. Fuming with Lloyd Jones for needlessly conceding the corner which eventually led to the opening goal for Bristol Rovers. Fuming with every players inability to string more than two passes together. And fuming about only having one shot on target (I’m ignoring the penalty) in the entire game for what feels like the fifth game in a row.

When we pressed record on the podcast on Sunday night, I was ready to explode.

I think I’ve written before about how much I care and that I maybe allow myself to get too excited or angry when it comes to watching the Cobblers.

All I really want is to support a successful football club and a lot of the time, I don’t.

There have been times over the years where I have lost interest to the point where I still attended games but my passion was noticeably absent. I don’t want to get back to feeling like that at all but I would like to not have my mood dictated by the Cobblers quite as much as it does now.

Will being back in League Two, hopefully winning more games than we lose appease me?

Would having a finished East Stand make me feel less annoyed at how unambitious some of my fellow fans think we are?

Truth be told, I don’t know.

My disinterested, fallow years occurred after we were relegated to League Two in 2009. Our return on that occasion lasted seven years and my passion wained for many of them.

If anything I expect a return to league Two this time around, that now looks a certainty, will lead to a dwindling of my passion and perhaps a happier household for my partner and daughter.



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