Festive Four Nils

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Northampton Town Podcast Lincoln Loss – This week Charles, Danny and Chessie discuss what’s going wrong for Keith Curle and his team and answer the big question of the moment. Keith Curle: stay or go?

Chessie’s Christmas Tradition

As Christmas is upon us, Jefè has one very important job to do before she spends the big day eating many pigs in blankets. 

Yes, that’s right, Ricky Holmes needs to be placed on the top of her Christmas tree. For those of you that don’t already know, a few years ago, this bizarre tradition of putting a Cobblers player on top of the tree started by complete accident when John-Joe O’Toole recovered from injury to help the Cobblers to victory. Jefè decided he should be on top of the tree that year and thought she’d see how long she got away with it! Turns out he stayed there all Christmas and so the Christmas Cobbler of top of the tree tradition was born. 

It was of course, Alan McCormack last year (who else?!) and this year, your votes were counted-definitely not fixed-and Ricky Holmes will be proudly placed on top of the tree on Christmas Eve! 

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