Offside? What’s that?

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It’s our second episode of the week and this time we’re happy!

Charles is joined by Chessie and Neil as every Cobblers fan in the land celebrates NTFC’s first 3 points of the season. 

There is talk of Andy Williams putting his demons to bed after that miss on Saturday by doing “a lot of tearing around“. Chris Lines “bossing the midfield” and Swindon fans claiming that Premier League referee, Craig Hicks, isn’t a strong enough official to over-rule his linesman.

We look ahead to visiting Colchester who, according to Neil, play in a kit of “old Tesco bags” and shouldn’t really be below us in the League 2 table.

With the EFL deadline looming, the situation at both Bury and Bolton is discussed. While it may not be good news for either of those clubs, there was good news for all League 2 sides as the EFL announced there would still be 4 promotion places up for grabs this season if Bury were to liquidate on Friday. Not that that is something we want to see of course.

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Screenshot of the offside decision from Swindon vs Northampton on 20th August 2019. Badly drawn, straight line with semi circle around attacker, across the pitch. Podcast logo in bottom left

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