Podcast Zero

Northampton Town Podcast - Charles, Chessie and Danny look back on another week of Cobblers action. The Cobblers played out an entertaining draw at home to Swindon at the weekend and provides plenty of talking points. The trio discuss how to improve Sixfields Stadium as well as going carbon neutral, the standard of refereeing and... Continue Reading →

A Tuesday Night Special

Northampton Town Podcast - Danny, Neil and Chessie are back with yet more Cobblers podcast fun. Danny is in charge of Neil and Chessie as we discuss the week's Cobblers news. There's the win over Newport that sent us 3rd in league Two, Neil get's excited over John Guthrie. And not just because he scored,... Continue Reading →

The Great Bath Tub Race of Watchet

Northampton Town Podcast Cobblers 2-0 Scunthorpe - Charles, Danny and Chessie are back with yet more Cobblers podcast fun. The Fickleness of Football A week ago it felt like we were going to be facing another long season of mixed results. Now, having dispatched Scunthorpe United fairly easily, things feel all rosey once more. The... Continue Reading →

Crawling Into September

Northampton Town Podcast Crawley 0-0 Cobblers - Charles, Danny and Neil discuss the first month of the season for the Cobblers that culminated in the scoreless draw at Crawley. Transfer Deadline Day Musings Something I've noticed recently is that there seems to be quite a bit of negativity around the results and performances so far... Continue Reading →

Striker Swap

Northampton Town Podcast Cobblers 1-3 Rochdale - Charles, Neil, and Chessie work out their frustrations of Saturday's loss on this week's podcast. No Need To Panic One loss doth not a season make or so the saying goes. Allegedly. I admit I was frustrated and annoyed by the defeat to Rochdale and that definitely comes... Continue Reading →

When The Sugababes Come Knocking

Northampton Town Podcast Chesterfield 0-1 Cobblers - Charles, Neil, Chessie and Danny are back with more podcast fun. It's Good To Be Back. Northampton Town make it 3 in a row to make the pod team giddy as we look back over the week's Cobblers activity. Neil's back in the mood for football again after... Continue Reading →

What A Beautiful Day

Northampton Town Podcast Cobblers 1-0 Port Vale - Charles and Danny look back over the first game with fans present for over 18 months. It's Good To Be Back. What an amazing day it was on Saturday. I wondered how it would feel to walk back inside a football stadium for a competitive fixture after... Continue Reading →

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