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Northampton Town Podcast Cobblers 2-0 Scunthorpe – Charles, Danny and Chessie are back with yet more Cobblers podcast fun.

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The Fickleness of Football

A week ago it felt like we were going to be facing another long season of mixed results. Now, having dispatched Scunthorpe United fairly easily, things feel all rosey once more. The fickleness of football fans isn’t a new thing to me. Being a Cobblers fan I’ve lived it an awful lot these past few years. But something has changed for me this season.

Maybe it was hearing Jon Brady and Colin Calderwood talk at the fans forum back at the beginning of August, where the gathered fans were told that the management and players wouldn’t get carried away by any individual result. Brady later said, in an interview on BBC Radio Northampton, that no knee jerk reactions would be made based on the last game.

It could just be an age thing too. I’m in my mid thirties now and have recently started taking my daughter to watch the Cobblers at Sixfields too. Having a seven year old alongside me has changed the way I am at games. The bullish, boisterous football fan has been replaced with a more subdued father who just wants his daughter to enjoy what he enjoys doing on a Saturday afternoon.

This more relaxed attitude has allowed me to see Saturday’s result alongside the performance in isolation. I enjoyed watching the game and while it did feel at times like it just wasn’t going to be our day, we were by far the better team and carried out a game plan that was better than the one Scunthorpe had come to town with.

There will be much sterner tests ahead, Forest Green this weekend for a start. But whatever the result, I won’t be getting carried away. Unless we win of course.



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