The Bayos 2021

Northampton Town Podcast Awards Show - It's time for the annual It's All Cobblers To Me Awards! And The Winners at The Bayos Are... The 2020/21 season is over and it's time to look back and celebrate try not to cry over the Cobblers at the It's All Cobblers To Me Awards. Otherwise known as... Continue Reading →

Retained List Special 2021

Northampton Town Podcast Retained List - The podcast team mull over the decisions made by new manager Jon Brady over who should stay and who should leave the Cobblers. No Surprises in the Retained List Jon Brady's first job as manager of Northampton Town was to decide which players he wanted to keep and let... Continue Reading →


Northampton Town Podcast Sunderland 1-1 Cobblers - The season ends with a draw away at Sunderland and Sam Hoskins plays at right back! Time For Healing With the season now finally over, it's time for us to take a breather and just reset everything before the start of next season. Of course we can go... Continue Reading →

Let The Inquest Begin

Charles, Neil and Jefé discuss Saturday’s draw for the Cobblers down in Kent, Kelvin Thomas’ appearance on BBC Radio Northampton and the subject that no one is bored of hearing about, the failed European Super League.

Second Live Show Announced

After the success of the Live Play Off Preview Bonanza, It's All Cobblers To Me is presenting another live show before the 2nd leg of the Cobblers' play off encounter with Cheltenham. This time the show will be streamed live on Facebook and start at 7pm. All Cobblers fans are once again invited to watch... Continue Reading →

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