Three Goals and We Still Can’t Win

Northampton Town Podcast MK Away - Charles, Danny, Neil and Chessie look back on what should have been Jon Brady's first win as Northampton Town boss, relive the magical moment when The Cobblers scored their first goal in 7 years* and unveil their feelings as just normal people who happen to do a podcast. Confident?... Continue Reading →

Trash Talk

A couple of weeks ago we were contacted by an MK fan on Twitter who wanted us to answer some questions for their website. Danny duly replied but it seems that the MK fan didn't want to publish his answers for some reason. So we've gone ahead and published them anyway. You can read them... Continue Reading →

MK doth butter no crackers

Northampton Town Preview Podcast MK away- Charles and Danny are joined by both Neil and Chessie for this week's Preview Show as we refuse to even name this weekends opponents for Northampton Town. The Great Butter Debate I was astounded this week when Danny and Chessie both said that they put butter on their cheese... Continue Reading →

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