MK doth butter no crackers

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Northampton Town Preview Podcast MK away- Charles and Danny are joined by both Neil and Chessie for this week’s Preview Show as we refuse to even name this weekends opponents for Northampton Town.

The Great Butter Debate

I was astounded this week when Danny and Chessie both said that they put butter on their cheese and crackers.

I was certain that this must make them some sort of strange weirdos but one Twitter poll later and I was proved to be the one in the wrong.

I still refuse to believe that anyone would ever mix brie with butter but it seems I am in no position to argue.

One thing that I doubt I’m alone in though is knowing that if The Cobblers are to stay up this season, they must start winning matches.

Tuesday’s draw away at Ipswich was definitely a step in the right direction and we discuss all that and more in this week’s Preview Show.



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