Three Goals and We Still Can’t Win

text to the left of a picture Ryan Watson celebrating his goal against MK Dons

Northampton Town Podcast MK Away – Charles, Danny, Neil and Chessie look back on what should have been Jon Brady’s first win as Northampton Town boss, relive the magical moment when The Cobblers scored their first goal in 7 years* and unveil their feelings as just normal people who happen to do a podcast.


As I write, The Cobblers are preparing for the midweek visit of Rochdale. They should be feeling pretty confident having scored three goals in their last game and been the better side for the majority of that match.

I’m also feeling confident. I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help thinking that that elusive win is just around the corner and tonight is going to be the night.

Only time will tell ofcourse.

On this week’s podcast you’ll hear all but one of us have the belief that we can still survive the relegation scrap we find ourselves in. The other? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out what they think.



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