What A Beautiful Day

Northampton Town Podcast Cobblers 1-0 Port Vale – Charles and Danny look back over the first game with fans present for over 18 months.

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It’s Good To Be Back.

What an amazing day it was on Saturday. I wondered how it would feel to walk back inside a football stadium for a competitive fixture after everything we’ve been through. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it being among so many other people but boy was it good!

You’ll hear just how good ion this week’s podcast. Danny and I are clearly incredibly happy to be back at Sixfields and the fact that we shared the occasion with each other was even better.

We’re starting two new features on this week’s pod. Firstly we take a look around the rest of League Two for the more weird and wonderful things that happen at this level. Expect Crawley boss, John Yems to feature heavily. And secondly we’re hearing a lot more from the NTFC Women’s team this year. In this episode, Abbie Brewin (who we are incredibly proud to sponsor) lets us know about how pre-season has gone so far.

Just a reminder that our previews are now on written form and can be found on the website the day before each game.



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