Chickens, Peruvians, Billionaires and Defeats

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Northampton Town Podcast Cobblers 0-1 Crewe Alex – It’s all anything but the Cobblers that Charles, Neil, Danny and Jefé want to talk about on this week’s Cobblers podcast after the dreadful 1-0 home defeat for Northampton Town at the hands of Crewe Alexandra.

Time to admit defeat?

During this week’s recording I ended up letting off quite a lot of steam. Sometimes it can be really hard to be a football fan and specifically, a Cobblers supporter.

It doesn’t matter if your opinion on the latest news, result or signing differs to anyone else’s. The thing that it shows is that you care.

I’m one of those people that likes to see the best in things. This extends to people who control the money and retain the power at the football club I support.

For the record, I believe that the current owners have the best interests of the club at heart. The issue, as we discuss on the pod this week, is that the size of their pockets don’t match the ambitions of us as fans and probably themselves as owners of the club.

That isn’ their fault of course but it is very frustrating to be caught up in an ongoing cycle like the Cobblers are of having a good season every once in a while in League Two, only to end back up there one or two years later.

I am fed up of it and I know others are too.

But what can we do about it?

Realistically of course there isn’t anything that we, as fans can do.

It isn’t in our hands as it isn’t the fans who own the club. Plus, I’m of the belief that we wouldn’t be any higher than a League Two club under fan ownership anyway, so I don’t see that as being a solution to our current predicament.

The truth is that other than sounding off on social media, podcasts like ours and in the stands, there is very little that we can actually do about anything regarding our football team.

Does that mean we shouldn’t try? No.

I applaud the Supporters Trust for their current survey of the fanbase as they look to find the answer themselves as well as seek an understanding of what we, as Cobblers fans, want from them.

Whatever the results of the survey, it isn’t going to provide an answer to how Northampton Town FC sustain themselves in League One for years to come. but it is a start.

So what do we do in the meantime?

I know I get upset, deflated and even angry when the Cobblers are doing badly on the pitch. I sound off about not caring anymore, about being fed up. I’ll still be watching the Oxford game tonight though and the AFC Wimbledon on Saturday. I’ll watch both games despite knowing that losing either of them will put me in a bad mood.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t make a podcast about Northampton Town because then I wouldn’t have to force myself to talk about them when they make me feel like I’ve just been cheated on by a long term girlfriend.



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