Will Cobblers Clean Up At AFC Wimbledon?

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Northampton Town Preview Podcast AFC Wimbledon Away – Hopes have been risen once more after the Cobblers win over Oxford United on Tuesday and up next it’s a real six-pointer against AFC Wimbledon.

Footballers are people too

I thought it was very interesting when Jon Brady revealed that Danny Rose hadn’t had the best of times during the latest Coronavirus lockdown.

We tend to forget that footballers are just people who work outside on a field of grass, kicking a ball around for the pleasure of others.

We’ve all got stories of how this last year has affected us. It’s been full of ups and downs for me personally and I dare so for a lot of you it will have been too.

Sport is seen as a past time, something we do for entertainment. Just like television soap opera’s, it provides a welcome escape from the rest of our lives.

It’s why fans hate it when their team isn’t winning. Rather than make us feel good it makes things worse. That negativity then gets thrown back towards the people who have made us feel that way. We shout on the terraces, moan on social media and rant on podcasts.

We all do it, or have done at some point in the past.

For Cobblers fans it’s easy to find examples. On the pitch it’s Sam Hoskins who takes the brunt of it. Off it, the Chairman gets his share. Outside of the club, Tim Oglethorpe (radio commentator) has his detractors.

All three of those people have received horrible messages on social media from people who are fans of the team that they play for, work at and own.

They are still people though, just like you and I.

Imagine if you opened your phone to find a message from someone calling you names and saying that you were bad at your job. It wouldn’t make you feel very good. When I have received abuse on social media it has hit me very hard. At one point earlier this year, one person made me feel like I wanted to end it all.

I’m not saying this for attention. It is a fact of my life that I battle with my mental health on a daily basis. I may not look like I do but that is because I don’t want everyone to know that I might be feeling low that day.

Footballers, chairmen and radio commentators are just as prone to this as any one of us.

And don’t give me any of that bull about how they should be able to take it because it is a part of the career they chose. That is absolute rubbish. Abuse has no place in any job or civilised society.

So the next time you’re thinking of sending a tweet, tagging in the player, commentator or anyone else for that matter. Stop and think about how you would feel if you were on the other end of that message.

We are all human beings and we should be more respectful of each other.



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