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Prime Cobblers

Northampton Town Podcast AFC Wimbledon 1-0 Cobblers – This week we’re talking Cobblers players as Prime Ministers, saying happy birthday to Jefé and trying not to be topdown about the Cobblers defeat to AFC Wimbledon at the weekend.

Happy Birthday Jefé

Thank you to our Patreon supporters who sent us happy birthday messages for Chessie on this week’s podcast.

It’s really nice to know that we have so many lovely people who not only listen to the podcast but support us in making it too.

Chessie is over the moon to have heard your messages as you will hear on this week’s podcast.

Special thanks to:

Malcolm Butler, Mike Peacock (and son), Craig West, Matt Salmons, Rich Dewhirst, Roz Spokes, Giles Lawrence and Leeds United Fan Mike Fuller.



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