Northampton Town Podcast Sunderland 1-1 Cobblers – The season ends with a draw away at Sunderland and Sam Hoskins plays at right back!

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Time For Healing

With the season now finally over, it’s time for us to take a breather and just reset everything before the start of next season.

Of course we can go over what happened this season and discuss what went wrong. We need the football club to do that in order for us to learn from it and move us forward.

There is very little point us, as fans doing it though in my opinion.

Partly because that’s what we’ve been doing all year and partly because you have to start each season with a positive mindset. Because what is the point if you don’t?

The retained list will be out this week and will probably show that a massive turnover will be happening yet again. With the club’s new recruitment committee, we have to hope that the club have learned from previous mistakes and are trying something different.

Let’s take a moment to just enjoy the summer. The Euros are on and the roadmap is underway. Let’s enjoy it!



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