Retained List Special 2021

Northampton Town Podcast Retained List – The podcast team mull over the decisions made by new manager Jon Brady over who should stay and who should leave the Cobblers.

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No Surprises in the Retained List

Jon Brady’s first job as manager of Northampton Town was to decide which players he wanted to keep and let go. The retained list was announced on Tuesday afternoon and didn’t throw up any real surprises.

Usually, there will be one or two decisions that shock the fans – Jordan Turnbull last year for example – but this time around, it seems pretty much everyone agrees with the decisions made.

Non-league prospects Ricky Korboa and Matty “Bagel” Warburton have been released alongside Alan Sheehan, Steve Arnold, Mark Marshall and Ethan Johnston.

You could perhaps argue that young Johnstone could have been offered something, especially considering he has been on trial with Sunderland for the last couple of weeks. But other than that, it all makes complete sense.

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is whether any of the players still under contract will be made available for transfer.

It’s unlikely that many of them would generate a transfer fee but the likes of Harry Smith and Benny Ashley-Seal won’t be expecting to start many games perhaps and might look elsewhere.

There is a long time to go before the season starts but Jon Brady sounds like a man determined to get things right. We wish him the very best and will be behind him every step of the way.

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