Fans Forum Reaction

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Northampton Town Podcast Fans Forum Reaction – Charles, Danny and Neil look back at last week’s Fans Forum with Northampton Town Football Club as we give our reaction to what we learned from the answers to your questions.

Thank You for Your Support

Just a quick thank you to all of our listeners this week for your support with the Fans Forum we helped Northampton Town Football Club with last week.

The response was brilliant and we are so pleased (and proud) to have been able to help bring the club and supporters together on this occasion.

It is hard for us to feel that connection to the club when we aren’t able to rock up at Sixfields on a Saturday afternoon and watch a game of football. 

It isn’t just the club who lose out (in revenue), it’s us as fans as we lose the experience of the day out at the football.

I think that is why it is easier for the negatives to be heard.

Not every fan will ever have the same opinion and that is exactly how it should be. The difficulty comes in allowing those differing opinions to be heard without either shouting them down or claiming them to be wrong.

The Fans Forum was always going to divide opinion among the fanbase. Some people have never heard of a podcast, let alone listened to It’s All Cobblers To Me. 

There will be some people who don’t like what we do in the same way that people prefer Corrie to EastEnders. 

All of this is absolutely fine in my eyes and is why I was more than happy to say yes to James Heneghan when he asked me if he could write articles for the Chronicle & Echo newspaper using the content from our podcast.

I’m not precious about keeping the content we helped to create to ourselves. The more people who know about it the better.

Firstly it will allow as many people as possible to know what was said in response to the questions that we collated and secondly, it will spread the word of what we do.

So whether you’re already a regular listener or you listened to our podcast for the first time last week, thank you for pressing play. I hope you found it informative and that you enjoyed it.

Hopefully you will hit that subscribe button and we’ll be speaking to you again over the next few weeks and months.

Thank you.




It’s All Cobblers To Me is a Vibrant Sound Media production for the fans of Northampton Town Football Club.


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