A Game of Opinions

Northampton Town Podcast Opinions – A Game of Opinions. In this week’s Cobblers podcast, fans are back inside the stadium and we love love love it! We also look back on the 2-0 home defeat to Doncaster and discuss what seems to be the current talking point amongst the fans: is the type of football Curle is providing good enough?

Are You Enjoying The Football?

A lot has been said in the aftermath of Northampton’s defeat to Doncaster on Saturday. In fact, a lot gets said after every game the Cobblers play currently.

The debate on Keith Curle’s style of football will rumble on and on. And that’s not a bad thing of course because football after all is a game of opinions.

It seems that Cobblers fans at the moment fall into one of two categories. Either you’re happy with the way things are going for the team – points being picked up against the teams around and below us, not being in the relegation zone, happy the club is a division higher than a year ago.


You’re bored with the way the team play football, lining up with just one striker for a home game. Always looking at nullifying the opposition rather than trying to cause them problems. Watching negative, unattractive “hoof-ball” that even when it does result in a win, still causes neck ache and a sense that you’ll never get the last 90 minutes of your life back.

It’s probably more fair to assume that we all fall into both of these categories at times – I don’t know of a single football fan who is happy after they’ve seen their side lose. But there are certainly a selection of fans who are being very vocal about their feelings right now.

On this week’s podcast we’re no different.

Charles, Danny and Chessie discuss the current mood within the supporter base, the defeat to Doncaster and of course, the welcome return of fans to the stands.

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