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Silence Is Not Golden

Northampton Town Podcast Swindon 2-1 Cobblers – With the Cobblers losing yet again, things aren’t rosy amongst the support base. To discuss it all Charles and Neil are joined by Will Oelrich of the Cobblers Vlogs YouTube channel.

Time to accept our fate.

As the referee blew for full time on Saturday evening I knew the game was up.


That was the simple tweet we put out at 4:55pm and it summed up my feelings completely: Acceptance, disappointment and down right can’t be arsed.

I’m not angry. I’ve been here before and no doubt will be again. This is football. There are ups and downs, highs and lows. Sometimes things just aren’t meant to be so why waste energy on committing feelings to something you can’t control? What’s the point?

It’s time to accept our fate and move on.

I’ll still buy a ticket to watch the game on a Saturday. I’ll probably stop watching every game religiously and instead pick and choose but I’ll still be a fan. I just won’t be a sycophant.

Knowing the Cobblers we’ll probably win the next couple of games, of course.

It’s the hope that hurts the most.



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