Trash Talk

A couple of weeks ago we were contacted by an MK fan on Twitter who wanted us to answer some questions for their website. Danny duly replied but it seems that the MK fan didn't want to publish his answers for some reason. So we've gone ahead and published them anyway. You can read them... Continue Reading →

Festive Four Nils

Northampton Town Podcast Lincoln Loss - This week Charles, Danny and Chessie discuss what’s going wrong for Keith Curle and his team and answer the big question of the moment. Keith Curle: stay or go? Chessie's Christmas Tradition As Christmas is upon us, Jefè has one very important job to do before she spends the... Continue Reading →

A Game of Opinions

Northampton Town Podcast Opinions - A Game of Opinions. In this week's Cobblers podcast, fans are back inside the stadium and we love love love it! We also look back on the 2-0 home defeat to Doncaster and discuss what seems to be the current talking point amongst the fans: is the type of football... Continue Reading →

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