Accrington aren’t better than us, surely?!

Northampton Town Preview Podcast Accrington Away- Charles and Danny are joined by the creator and host of Accrington’s Raw Milk podcast & fanzine, Josh Cook to look ahead to what may well be another Saturday of broken dreams.

Would it be better if we were at the game?

It’s a tough question but one I have been pondering over the last couple of weeks.

If we were able to go to Sixfields and the away matches too, and cheer on the team, would it be any better?


I doubt the team would play any better or that Curle would change his tactics or outlook on the way his side should play the game but the one thing that would be better is how I would feel.

The one thing I’m really missing right now is a good old vent.

I don’t post on social media straight after the full time whistle anymore. The knee jerk reaction is very rarely a considered opinion and most of the time doesn’t even make sense. When I’m watching the game on my iPad the players can’t hear me when I cheer or moan. And they certainly can’t hear me shouting expletives at the latest air kick or calamitous defensive mistake.

If I was at the game, inside the ground, on the terrace though…

There I’d be able to shout and moan and cheer and jeer to my hearts content, knowing that the people I am shouting at are at least within hearing distance.

At least then I’d maybe I’d feel better about how rubbish we are right now.



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