Will Wigan enjoy a Sixfields pie?

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Northampton Town Preview Podcast Wigan Home – Ownerless Wigan Athletic come to Sixfields on Saturday and Latics fan Katie Powell joins Charles and Matt Salmons to preview the game.

What’s Your Favourite Pie?

Okay so I’m cheating.

I struggled to come up with a topic to write about in connection to this week’s Preview Show. So I thought long and hard about Wigan and the only thing I could think of was pies.

Meat and potato.

Steak and ale.

Chicken and mushroom.

Cheese and leek.

Which one is your favourite?



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3 thoughts on “Will Wigan enjoy a Sixfields pie?”

  1. How patronising- from a North West based Cobbler but I will let you off since I am a St Helens RLFC supporter as well as a Cobblers fanatic and anything that undermines Wiganers is fair game by me.

  2. Interesting feed back at least it could have been marginally worse you could have been a Wiganer. That Saints defeat at Wembley 2019 still hurts. Good to hear the Cobblers presence is strong in the North West, waiting fo
    r an end to Covid so I can get to see the Cobblers play again in the North West. Particularly like to get the chance to go to Prenton Pk and see them turn over Tranmere, a pet club hate of mine from the sixties before I moved to the East Midlands and picked up the Cobblers in 1973.

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