We Finally Got Our Waterpark!

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Northampton Town Podcast Waterpark – With the home game against Oxford postponed due to a waterlogged pitch, the It’s All Cobblers To Me crew finally get their waterpark.

Conspiracy Theories

It was really strange to get a weekend without football again. I know there were other games happening but with the Cobblers game against Oxford falling victim to the heavy Northants rain, I didn’t know what to do with myself.

I ended up spending Saturday afternoon watching a film with the family – Wonder Woman 1984 if you wanted to know.

I kept getting drawn into social media though and what was being said about the postponed fixture.

Apparently The Cobblers didn’t want to play the game and just fancied a break as, according to some Oxford fans on Twitter, there were 5 hours that the groundsman could have spent forking the pitch to make it playable.

Others pointed towards a fixture that Oxford played a year ago, in the driving rain, at home against Ipswich Town. The Oxford ground staff worked tirelessly to make sure that game went ahead.

There were suggestions that it was ridiculous to have a game called off for a waterlogged pitch in 2021. I mean in this day and age surely man has achieved the simple task of controlling the weather!

My favourite replies to the @ntfc post advising that the game would be off were the simplest – #Tinpot. Yep, you’ve got to hand it to these keyboard warriors, they sure know how to hurt a businesses feelings.

It wasn’t just Oxford fans though. There were Cobblers fans getting in on the conspiracy theory action too.

One tweet said that it was the best tactics Keith Curle had implemented all season while others questioned why covers hadn’t been placed on the pitch the night before.

In the last post I wrote I said how much I enjoyed the “banter” between the two clubs and it certainly kept me entertained on Saturday.

I still think it’s probably easier, and better, to just forget about it and move on than write #tinpot though.



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